Palma de Mallorca showcases gourmet tapas and chefs

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Tomorrow, March 1st, is Balearics Day, marking the anniversary of the Balearic Islands becoming an autonomous state (1983). The city of Palma is awash with fantastic events to enjoy this weekend – it’s also Carnival – and one of these events will be foodie heaven.

Peccata Minuta is an event organized by Chefs(in) and brings together some of the island’s top chefs to create a gourmet tapas-tasting event. Peccata Minuta translates as ‘small sins’: frankly, it would be a sin to miss the opportunity to try them. Each dish or drink is paid for with a ticket; you buy as many as you think you’ll want on entry and then exchange them for your chosen item at the relevant stand. Tapas and cocktails cost 3 euros each; wines and artisan beers are 2,50 euros. The event opens at 12 noon.

Foodies flock to Peccata Minuta

Previous events have been hugely popular: we went to one in Inca last autumn, arriving early enough to beat the crowds. Another took place in Palma during January’s San Sebastian celebrations, in Mercat de l’Olivar. Unfortunately we gave up queuing to get in after 25 minutes: The Boss was getting hungry and couldn’t wait any longer. We’d also travelled to Palma by train; the last train home leaves very early by Spanish standards and we didn’t think we’d have enough time to enjoy the event to full advantage.

Little wonder that Peccata Minuta attracts so many foodie fans. It’s a chance to try the cuisine of some very talented chefs whose restaurants you might not have visited, and there’s a fantastic vibe as people discover exciting combinations of flavours and textures, condensed into something small, easy to eat and well-priced.

Fourteen great chefs

Tomorrow’s Peccata Minuta takes place in Parc de la Mar (in front of the city’s cathedral)  – somewhat more spacious than previous venues. Fourteen chefs – including Marc Fosh, Joan Marc Garcias, Santi Taura and Benet Vicens – are showcasing their innovative tapas.

There’ll be plenty of liquid refreshment to enjoy too: wines from the bodegas Vinyes Mortitx, Vins Nadal and – because this is Balearics Day – Menorca’s Vinyes Binitord; artisan beers from the craft brewery Beer Lovers, and coffee and soft drinks. One of the world’s top mixologists – Rafa Martin – will be mixing’n’a-shaking cocktails too.

We’re told there’ll be 29,000 tapas and 12,000 drinks for sale tomorrow. See you there?

For full details of participants, their tapas – and how to get tickets in advance – see

Peccata Minuta in Inca on October 27th, 2013

Peccata Minuta in Inca on October 27th, 2013


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