A world of beers on Mallorca

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Shop owner and beer enthusiast Lorenzo Fiol

Shop owner and beer enthusiast Lorenzo Fiol

Fancy a beer? I’m not talking a San Mig or a Cruzcampo – two of the beers most of us probably associate with Spain. In the past couple of years exciting things have been happening on Mallorca, with locally made craft beers hitting the market. We’ve even had beer fairs on the island (as well as the typical German ‘Oktoberfest’ events). With ‘made-on-Mallorca’ beers now available, interest in beer in general seems to have grown.

Shop for beers

If beer is the drink to hit your spot, I can recommend a visit to del Món – a small but interesting shop in the Santa Catalina district of Palma – where you’ll find bottled beers for sale from around the world.

The shop is opposite Santa Catalina’s indoor market, just a few doors from the Fibonacci bakery/café. Owner Lorenzo Fiol (a native of Palma) used to work for Spanair, at Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport. When the airline collapsed, Lorenzo eventually decided to open the city’s first shop dedicated solely to beer, because “I like a good beer and there was nowhere like this to buy them.”

International brews too

As well as the Mallorcan craft beers, you’ll find artisan beers from England, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, Canada, and other countries. It’s well worth having a browse: some of the beers have fun names.  Lorenzo has made a great selection of beers and varies his stock depending on the season. With Christmas almost here, you’ll find some festive beers, as well as those darker winter brews that are so appreciated by beer enthusiasts in the cooler months.

Lorenzo’s beer emporium is open weekdays from 10am until 2pm & from 6pm until 9pm; Saturdays from 10am until 3.30pm.


del Món, Plaça Navegació 14b, Santa Catalina, Palma   Tel +34 687 35 16 03

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