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Since this post was written we have eaten at Quince on many occasions and it has become one of our favourite places to eat out. The ownership has also changed: Martín L Segura – who used to work for Mario Hekke at Sa Sal – bought the place in September 2015 – but the same fantastic team runs the place. The menu has been extended too since this was written.

In spring 2017, Martín opened Quince’s ‘sister’ restaurant 15teen, in Porto Cristo Novo (just above Cala Anguila); it has a large garden terrace for al fresco eating, with plenty of shade.

It’s Friday. I finished a big writing task this morning and, as the sun was shining and lunchtime looming, we decided to go out for lunch today. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try a place we spotted during a recent walk. But it was closed for a few days’ holiday.

Porto Cristo - seen looking left from Quince's terrace

Porto Cristo – seen looking left from Quince’s terrace

Plan B was to try Quince in Porto Cristo – another place that’s been on our list, since I discovered that it’s under the same ownership (Mario Stephan Hekke) as the excellent Sa Sal, also in Porto Cristo. Quince opened last year and has a terrace looking down over the quay where the fishing boats moor. Quince – the Spanish word for 15 – is described as a restaurante & cantina and has arguably the best restaurant terrace location in the port.

Indoors, the décor is light and contemporary, with some interesting artefacts around the place, and a mixture of seating (some tables with stools, others with chairs). We sat outside in the sunshine, watching a fisherman painstakingly sort out what looked like a tangle of nets. (Another reason why I wouldn’t want to be a fisherman).

Good to know: Dishes here are freshly prepared and cooked to order so, if you’re time-pressured, save a visit to Quince for an occasion when you have more time to appreciate eating here.

The menu

We intended to have a main course each, but ended up also sharing a starter (chipirones with tzatziki sauce) and a dessert. And not regretting any of it.






The menu changes around once a fortnight, and Mariano Sasso – who runs the place – told us there would be more dishes once the season gets underway and the kitchen team expands.

For the main course, I had a Thai-style fresh sea bream, that had been stuffed with lemon slices, lemongrass, and a little slivered garlic. It was served with a mix of vegetables that had been cooked to retain some bite – really delicious. The Boss opted for what was described as roast chicken with potato salad. He actually had a small expertly roasted poussin. The potato salad – a title which definitely didn’t do this dish justice – consisted of new potato chunks cooked with apple juice, with thin slices of onion and slivers of ham. No mayonnaise in sight. The Boss loved it.

Thai-style fresh sea bream with vegetables

Thai-style fresh sea bream with vegetables

A dessert with a heritage

Mariano recommended a particular dessert and we succumbed: an olive oil cake with almond ice cream, scattered with almond chunks. Well, it’s almond blossom time on Mallorca – and there were almond blossoms in the pot of flowers on our table – so how could we refuse? Mariano told us the cake recipe was based on a recipe of around 50 years ago – a time when Mallorcan housewives couldn’t have afforded to use butter in baking. The cake was moist, not too sweet, and moreish. Should have asked for the recipe . . .

We were impressed by Quince – location, the place, the food, and the service. I’d score it 15 out of 15 . . .

Quince, C/ Veri 1, Porto Cristo – Tel 971 821 830

Read the review I wrote about Quince for abcMallorca here.

©Jan Edwards 2015


    • Thank you Laura for your comments. I have had a look at your blog too – and well done for also producing it in English. A great way to increase your audience! We are lucky to live on an island with so many good places to visit for food and drink . . .

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  2. Charlotte Deutsch says

    Love the look of Quince. I’ll be in Mallorca in June and hope to catch up then ( P can’t make it this time). Maybe at Qunince!?

    • Hi Charlotte! Sounds good for meet-up at Quince – love it there. We have some visitors during June but hope they won’t clash …

      We hope you are well!

      Jan x

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