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Anyone looking for a catering company on Mallorca has plenty of choice, with some excellent catering and private chef services available. Should you ever need to know, the local word for catering is . . . catering – pronounced ‘cattering’.

We’ve never hired a catering service but, having tasted their food on quite a few occasions, have recommended Finca Catering (previously known as Top Catering) to friends planning parties. The Manacor-based company has been looking after clients since the year 2000 and is run by German-born chef Stefan Schmäing and his wife Carol Belles (from Barcelona) – a very likeable and hardworking couple.

Stefan Schmaing of Finca Catering

Stefan Schmaing of Finca Catering

Stefan had previous restaurant experience on Mallorca, at places including the former 2-Michelin-star Tristán in Puerto Portals (premises now home to Baiben), . Reads Hotel in Santa Maria, La Reserva Rotana Hotel (Manacor), and Vienna in Cas Concos, before he and Carol set up Top Catering.

Change of name and expanded services

Why the name change? “When we were Top Catering, we did only the food,” Stefan says. “Now we also can supply furniture, fittings, and accessories that may be needed for a function, so we changed the name to Finca Catering.”

Most of their catering takes place at fincas all around Mallorca. They cater for parties (such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays) and for holidaymakers who have rented a property but don’t want to cook for themselves all the time. They are now working with Son Corb Boutique Hotel at Cala Bona, which can be rented for private parties. “They have a small kitchen, so we are starting to work with them on the gastronomy side,” explains Stefan.

Weddings make up 80 per cent of their caterings, with couples coming from all over Europe to tie the knot here. Finca Catering takes care of everything, except the legal paperwork, collaborating as necessary with trusted services, such as a wedding planner, florist, and others.

Finca Catering's showroom in Manacor

Finca Catering takes care of everything from the fixtures and fittings to the food and wine.

Some of the wines for functions by Finca Catering.

Some of the wines offered by Finca Catering.

Mon Oncle BBQ-in-a-case, sold at Finca Catering, Manacor.

Finca Catering also sells the stylish Mon Oncle BBQ-in-a-case. Great with summer approaching.

The cuisine

Stefan describes his cuisine as “fresh and Mediterranean-style, with my own flavour. It really smells and tastes like summer – most of our business is in the summer.” What do they do in winter? “Prepare for the summer! We are always dealing with email enquiries.”

How do they make their catering business stand out in Mallorca’s competitive market? “I think it’s because we combine local products and authentic natural Mediterranean flavours, with a gourmet touch,” says Carol. “It’s not nouvelle cuisine. Our customers are high level and eat out in high-quality restaurants in places like Germany and London. They want something different here, but still exquisite.”

The Boss and I have several times tried Stefan’s excellent paellas. “They are also popular among the mallorquín people,” he tells me. “They say to me, how is it possible that a German makes a paella better than we do?”

Events large and small

Finca Catering enjoys a lot of repeat business: some clients have used their services up to 10 times over the years for birthday and anniversary parties. As well as weddings and other celebration parties, they handle corporate catering for events such as inaugurations. Their biggest event – the opening of the Mallorca Film Academy – was for 500 people.

They aim to have a booking for every Saturday in the season. Not surprisingly, they also like to have bookings midweek. “We are beginning to see a lot of Germans getting married on those days,” explains Carol. Hiring a finca can be cheaper on weekdays than at weekends – worth remembering if you are planning an event.

Finca Catering has relocated its premises in Manacor, but only by a short distance. Find it on the Via Palma, 86 bajos (opposite the petrol station near the Felanitx road roundabout).

Here’s a visual taste of what Finca Catering offers:


Tel +34 971 845  402 or +34 627 418 116

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