Mallorca’s Safari Culinario – a gastronomic experience

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It’s an opportunity on Mallorca to taste the cuisine of several international Michelin-starred chefs all in one place and on one night. The Safari Culinario each July at the St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort is a gastronomic treat that no foodie should miss.

St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort

St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, from the gardens.

We attended a previous Safari Culinario in 2013, and I wrote an article about it, published in Food & Wine journal. The event was the best we had been to since moving to the island, with a beautiful setting, great live music, and a party atmosphere.  In brief, it’s an evening when you eat a dinner of various courses – each prepared by a different chef – in different locations within the 5-star hotel.  The event begins with a generous buffet of appetizers on the terrace, dishes from each chef, then a buffet of more than 20 different desserts.

Appetizer buffet

Setting out last year’s table of appetizers.

The visiting chefs and their restaurants

Here’s the team who cooked at the 2015 Safari Culinario:

  • André Tienelt – *Wilder Ritter, Hotel Ritter Durbach (Germany)
  • Fernándo Pérez Arellano – *Zaranda (one Michelin star), Castell Son Claret (Mallorca)
  • Íker González – Hotel María Cristina in San Sebastián (Spain)
  • Marcello Fabbri – *Anna Amalia at the Hotel Elephant de Weimar (Germany)
  • Pasquale Palamaro – *Indaco, L’Albergo della Regina Isabella in Ischia (Italy)
  • Ronny Siewert – *Friedrich Franz, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm (Germany)
  • Rafael Sánchez – *Es Fum, St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort (Mallorca)

* Michelin-starred restaurants

The price for this remarkable dinner and evening – including champagne reception and all drinks – was the same as it was in 2013: 199 euros a head. The price had increased slightly for 2017, when nine chefs came from places including Israel, New York, Germany, Dubai, and Tenerife.

©Jan Edwards 2015

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