Happy Veganuary on Mallorca

Whether you’re already a vegan/considering becoming one, or simply kick-starting a healthier year by taking part in the month-long Veganuary campaign, being a vegan is a lot easier on Mallorca than it used to be. And businesses catering for vegans continue to open.

Here are two I have recently discovered:


The town of Manacor – famous for artificial pearls, wine, and furniture manufacture – now has a dedicated shop selling vegan food. Animal-loving owner Patricia González opened the doors to her cute little shop in mid-December 2015 and it’s the only vegan shop in the town (and surrounding area). The store is dedicated to the memory of Nana, a much-cherished white cat once owned by Patricia and her husband.

Patricia is active on Facebook (Veganana Manacor), regularly updating her page with details of new products, or introducing items that you may not have been aware could be found in this area of Mallorca. If you’re vegan and in the Manacor area, she’ll welcome you warmly, as she did us when we paid our first shopping visit last week.  The shop is in the centre of Manacor, close to the underground public car park in Paseo de Antoni Maura.

Patricia González in her new shop Veganana.

Patricia González in her new shop Veganana.



IMG_2658[1]IMG_2659[1]C/ Amistad, 40


Open Monday to Friday 10-14h; 17-20h. Saturday 10-14h.

Tel 971 843 973


Cream Crew

It’s a great name for an ice cream parlour- even though there’s not a drop of dairy cream to be found here, because Cream Crew in the fascinating Palma district of Santa Catalina sells only vegan ice cream. I’d love to be able to tell you how delicious it is, but I discovered this place by accident only yesterday and – sod’s law – it was closed. Have you tried it? What did you think? When I’m next in Santa Catalina I shall be calling in, for sure.

Cream Crew


Santa Catalina


If you want to find out more about Mallorca as a vegan destination, or learn to cook vegan food, visit the Mallorca Vegan website. 


©Jan Edwards 2016


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