A must-visit on Mallorca for lovers of ‘proper’ chocolate

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Raw cocoa beans.

Cacao beans from sustainable farms in Bali.

On one of his regular visits to stay with us on Mallorca, my father brought us a book entitled The Wine Diet by Professor Roger Corder PhD, which offered ‘a complete nutrition and lifestyle plan’. As we live on an island with more than 70 wineries, it seemed a useful addition to our bookshelves.

The book is packed with lots of fascinating information, based on scientific research. It suggests that a daily glass of red wine is beneficial – but what made it particularly appealing to me was the cover strapline ‘Eat fruit and berries, nuts and chocolate’. Chocolate! I unwrapped a bar of Lindt’s 70% and settled down to devour Corder’s words of wisdom.

Of course, there’s chocolate and there’s chocolate. And just as some taste better than others, some are better for us than others. During a wander around Santa Catalina (Palma) with friends last week, we found a source of the most incredible chocolate.

A healthy version

The business premises had no sign over the door, but we could see a man in chef’s whites in a kitchen area at the rear of the property, and a counter/display cabinet near the front. New business about to open? My journalist’s curiosity made me try the door – which was unlocked.

Chocolate maker

Tino Wolter at the helm of Cachao

We entered Cachao, the world of chocolate-maker Tino Wolter – a clear-skinned, healthy-looking young German who started working as a chef in Berlin in 2000, and worked his way up to become a chef de partie patisserie. Now he’s the creative food designer for bconnected (a company that has various business outlets in Santa Catalina) – and he’s a chocolate maker. Living my dream…

Tino spent a little time with us telling us about his home-made raw cacao chocolate, which is also organic and vegan. He showed us some of the beans sourced from sustainable and ecological farms that are part of a farming initiative known as Big Tree Farms, in Bali, where the cacao trees grow naturally among mango, pepper, vanilla, and coconut palm trees.

The proof is in the eating

We saw the special machine where the beans are cold-ground for 72 hours – the starting point in the process of creating Tino’s super-healthy chocolate. We tasted a few samples. And, having done that, no way were we leaving Cachao without buying some!

Cocoa beans

Bean busy . . .

Slow food - 72 hours in a grinder for Tino's cocoa beans.

Slow food – 72 hours in a grinder for Tino’s cocoa beans.


The Boss and I have each been having one square every day, which makes us sound far more disciplined than we usually are where chocolate is concerned. But the amazing thing about this chocolate is that one piece – allowed to melt slowly in the mouth – is incredibly satisfying, because it’s nutritionally dense. This is a very grown-up treat that’s packed with goodness, as well as having a divine taste and texture. Of course, it’s more expensive than the chocolate found in supermarkets – but it is a very different, artisan, type of product.

Attractive packaging too . . .

Attractive packaging too . . .

Cachao’s chocolate flavours

Tino makes seven flavours of chocolate (including Pure) and uses natural flavouring ingredients (such as apricots from Porreres and oranges from Sóller). We bought some Pure and some Coffee, and I plan to try the Rosemary & Walnut, and Sea Salt next time. The chocolate is free from all chemicals, soy, and additives.

The cacao or cocoa tree is officially known as Theobroma Cacao: Theobroma – appropriately in the case of Cachao – being derived from the Greek for ‘food of the gods’. Professor Corder would most definitely approve of this chocolate made in Palma’s Santa Catalina.

Cachao, C/ Cotoner, 58 Santa Catalina, Palma

Order your chocolate online here.

©Jan Edwards 2016


  1. Is there anywhere one can buy this without going all the way to Mallorca, which we have just come back from?

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