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Ice cream shop

Cone or cup?

During another visit to Santa Catalina yesterday, Cream Crew – selling handmade vegan ice cream – was open and doing business. It would have been remiss not to take the opportunity to buy some ice cream, and find out more about the people behind this new company.

Nicole van Rijen and her husband Ullrich are the owners of Cream Crew – which has been open for only around three weeks, although they have lived on Mallorca for over two years with their two children (aged 11 and four).

“My wife and I are vegans, but our kids not,” explains Ullrich, a native of Vienna. “I was missing in my life really good-quality ice cream to buy on the streets and that’s why we started thinking about making vegan ice cream. The kids wanted ice cream too, but we didn’t want to buy it for them with colouring, artificial and other bad ingredients.”

The couple started to make vegan ice cream at home and everybody who tried it said they should sell it. The idea for their business was born. The ice cream is handmade at their production site, a 100sqm laboratory on a Palma industrial estate. They bought new equipment (no risk of contamination from previous use) and created their different flavours through “trial and error”.

Ingredients and flavours

Several types of non-dairy milk are used: coconut, rice, oat, almond, and soya. Each ice cream in the display cabinet is coded so that customers can easily check the type of milk used. Some flavours are sweetened with agave syrup rather than sugar and they are looking to reduce the use of sugar still further.

The ice cream is sold in vegan cones or paper cups; they also want to offer gluten-free vegan cones, having found them available on the Peninsula.


Cream Crew offers 18 flavours, which vary depending on availability of ingredients (fruits in particular) and their creativity. Yesterday’s selection included matcha, peanut, organic banana, poppy seed, turron (almonds), Tonka bean, avocado and lime, orange and ginger, toasted Sicilian pistachio, and acai and agave.


Eat now or take home

“We are really proud of our ice cream,” Ullrich says. He says theirs is the only purely vegan ice cream shop on Mallorca  – and, he believes, in the whole of Spain. Although the business is  new, people are already coming in to buy an ice cream to eat immediately and some to take home (in special boxes).  It was hard to make our choices but we finally decided on cups of two scoops each: The Boss had acai and agave, and turron, and I tried acai and agave and avocado and lime; we tried all three flavours between us and agreed they were delicious.

DSC_8058-2Vegans who fancy an ice cream when they’re out and about in Palma should head to Santa Catalina and Cream Crew. It’s worth the walk . . .

Cream Crew, C/ Soler, 21a, Santa Catalina, Palma

Tel 691 155 867

Cream Crew is open Mon to Sat 15:00-23.00h

Facebook: Cream Crew – Vegan Ice Cream


©Jan Edwards 2016

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