Review of veggie tasting menu at Marc Fosh, Palma

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Mallorca-based British chef Marc Fosh is having a busy year. He has renamed his one-Michelin-star in Palma from Simply Fosh to Marc Fosh, and closed his Misa Braseria.

We visited Marc Fosh restaurant on a Sunday night with vegetarian friends, who were keen to try his vegetarian tasting menu. Named the Menú Natural, it’s  described as ‘a menu of clean, fresh, healthy food with pure tastes and big flavours from the season’s vegetable garden’.

The food

This is one of three tasting menus Marc Fosh offers (there is no à la carte, but there is a weekly changing lunchtime menu that’s excellent value for 27,50€ for three courses, or 39,50€ for five courses. Not bad for a Michelin-star restaurant.

Here’s what was on the menu (in addition to the appetizers and petits fours provided):


Chilled fresh pea and borage gazpacho with redcurrants and goat’s cheese ice cream

Beetroot terrine with horseradish and orange oil

Beetroot terrine with horseradish and orange oil


Textures of cauliflower with nasturtium, curried ‘soubise’ and alliums


Salt-cured white asparagus, leek ash, buckwheat ‘risotto’ and chlorophyll of wild herbs

Green apple, celery, lemon balm and yogurt (first of the two desserts – no photo)


Aubergine ganache with mango, honey, and kefir

The dishes certainly lived up to the description and I was feeling increasingly virtuous with every different vegetable or fruit that passed my lips. Any fears that we may have been hungry at the end of it all were swiftly allayed. I felt inspired to think differently about the way I use vegetables in my own kitchen – the notion of using aubergine in a ganache (which was delicious) is one that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred to me.

As you can see, the food is incredibly pretty on the plate – a foodie Instagrammer’s dream. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of the kitchen team with a colourful row of squeezy bottles ready to decorate each dish with precise neat dots.

The price

This menu costs 68€ including VAT (known as IVA in Spain). A cheese plate is offered for a 10€ supplement, and a wine pairing option costs 42€. As this was to be a light-drinking occasion, we opted instead to share a bottle of Marc Fosh’s own-label wine, which we enjoyed. Another time, when we’re able to stay overnight in Palma and don’t have to drive home, we’ll try the pairing.

Prices correct at time of writing.

Jan Edwards©2016

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