Beer and tapas at Manacor’s Tast Cervesa Artesana

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One of the things we love about living in the Manacor area is the support that local people give to events organized in the town by the local ayuntamiento (town council). A good example of that was the second edition of the Tast Cervesa Artesana, which took place on Saturday night and attracted people of all ages to the large Plaça Ramon Llull. One side of the square was lined with stalls offering artisan beers made on Mallorca; the other had stalls for tapas.

It was a well-organized event, with plenty of bistro tables set up in the middle of the square. We’ve been to similar events elsewhere on Mallorca where the table tops have ended up piled with abandoned disposable plates and cutlery but, on Saturday night, there were people clearing away the rubbish and even spray-cleaning the table tops. Top marks, Manacor.

Brews and chews

The beers of two particular artisan breweries stood out for us: Boscana Cervesa Evolutiva (a gypsy brewer), and Cas Cerveser. The former makes a great fig beer (sadly not available on Saturday night), but we also enjoyed the brews offered on Saturday.

Of the tapas, our clear favourite – and that of several people whom we heard mentioning it – was the savoury cone of hummus of llampuga and pomegranate, served with a crunchy cheese ‘grissini’, produced by Nofre Brunet Pascual from El Palau café and his team. We are big fans of El Palau, in Plaça Rector Rubí, near the front entrance of Manacor’s imposing church, and can recommend its Japanese-dining experience on Friday nights in winter.

From our perspective, the II Tast Cervesa Artesana looked like a great success. We look forward to the third edition … and several other food-and-drink-related Manacor events in the meantime.

Text and images ©Jan Edwards 2016

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