Foodie events on Mallorca for spring 2017

Mallorca's famous almond blossom

Mallorca’s famous almond blossom

Mallorca has already shown the promise of spring and the new season brings some interesting foodie events, of which these are just some scheduled for the coming season in 2017:

Fira Nàutica de la Sípia – Alcúdia

This fair combines boats and boaty things with gastronomy – which revolves around cuttlefish. You may be surprised at the variety of dishes offered by local restaurants who set up stall to offer dishes at this event.

April 7th-9th

7th Street Food Festival – Port Adriano

Vintage-style food trucks park themselves in the southwest superyacht marina of Port Adriano for this three-day festival, which has become a popular fixture in the port. Vegetarian and healthy dishes are the main focus, but there’s plenty of choice for all.

April 14th-16th

Fira de la Sal i les Espècies – Colònia de Sant Jordi

Ses Salines - home of the famous Flor de Sal

Ses Salines – home of the famous Flor de Sal

Salt and spices are the stars of this event over a weekend in the south of Mallorca. Colònia de Sant Jordi is close to the salt pans of Mallorca, where the gourmet’s favourite salt – Flor de Sal – is harvested by hand.

April 14th-16th

Fira del Vi i el Formatge – Estellencs

Love cheese? Wine? These two things make a perfect marriage and are the focus of this fair in the village of Estellencs. We have not yet been to this one … maybe this year?

May 1st

Fira del Vi – Pollença

Once you've tried the wines of Mallorca, you'll be buying them too

Once you’ve tried the wines of Mallorca, you’ll be buying them too

One of our favourite fairs, which we visit every year. Apart from the interesting location in the town’s Santo Domingo cloister and the ambience, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a wide variety of the wines produced on Mallorca. A discount is given on the price of wines purchased during the fair.

May 6th & 7th

Fira del Caragol de Sant Jordi – Sant Jordi

If I thought you’d be interested, I’d tell you about my snail-eating experience in the south of Spain – but it’s really not for the squeamish. Safe to say, this is a fair we’re never likely to go to, but snails do play a part in the traditional Mallorcan diet and they’re plentiful (and free) after rainfall, as well as being commercially farmed on the island. Sant Jordi – very close to Palma’s airport – celebrates the humble snail at this annual traditional fair.

As a footnote, having once said I’d never eat snails again – I had them three times during 2016 and loved the way they were used in dishes at Bou restaurant in Sa Coma and Dins Santi Taura in Lloseta. Presented with a menu card, I would never have chosen snails, but they were served at both restaurants as part of a surprise tasting menu – and were delicious! But these are both remarkable restaurants…

May 21st

Fira de la Patata

Spuds on show

Spuds on show

Many of the new potatoes that appear on dinner plates in the UK were grown on the island of Mallorca, around the fertile agricultural area of Sa Pobla. It’s no surprise then that the town should play host to a weekend fair dedicated to the potato. The large town square is filled with stalls selling a variety of dishes made potatoes.

June 2nd & 3rd

Fira del Pa amb Oli – Montuïri

The first edition of the bread-and-oil fair took place just last year and was a huge hit. It’s back for 2017, offering variations on the theme of the bread and oil dishes that are a staple of Mallorcan cuisine.

June 3rd

Fira de ses Herbes – Selva

Myrtle liqueur being made at Selva Herb Fair

Myrtle liqueur being made at Selva Herb Fair

The small square in front of Selva’s church is filled with stalls selling a variety of products made from herbs.  Selva is also home to the excellent restaurant Miceli.

June 10th & 11th

In the next post on eatdrinksleepmallorca read about an exciting national cooking competition in March that will bring young chefs from all over Spain to Mallorca. It’s an opportunity to see some of the culinary stars of the future and have a great night or weekend away on the east coast of the island – with a culinary or cocktail workshop included.

Text and images ©Jan Edwards 2017


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