A cool culinary workshop on Mallorca

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Ilove attending cooking workshops to learn new kitchen skills and there are quite a few opportunities to do just that here on Mallorca. My passion was probably fuelled by the fact that my mum didn’t teach me to cook when I was growing up; I’ve been making up for that ever since!

In recent years on Mallorca I have attended a gourmet tapas workshop in Palma, learned to make sushi and, most recently, was at an ice-cream-making class in Palma. I was also lucky enough to be at a private workshop in Sóller, which I have still to write about.

Mallorca’s best summer coolers…

Making ice cream has become more of a passion since I replaced my ancient old ice-cream machine with a whizzy new Cuisinart one this spring. Wanting to learn from professionals about the basics and ideas for combinations of flavours, I signed up for an ice-cream workshop this month at Clandestí Taller Gastronomic – a unique restaurant in Palma, belonging to chefs Pau Navarro and Ariadna Salvador.  They have been holding a few culinary workshops on days when the restaurant is not open to the public and publicise these events on their Facebook page. I should add that the workshop was in Spanish (castellano).

Around a dozen of us sat at the long counter to watch the two Italian workshop leaders – Nicoló and Serena – from Gelato Vecchia Maniera in Puerto de Alcúdia. We were shown the basics of making sweet and savoury cream-based ice creams and sorbets and came away with recipes for these too. The couple made a few different flavours which we were able to try and some of these became an element of tasting plates created by Pau and Ariadna for us to eat.


This workshop cost me 60 euros and I felt it was good value for this fun and informative evening (and the various tastings and a glass or two of cava included). I came home keen to try making some new flavours of ice creams and sorbets and have since made apricot ice cream (with fresh apricots from Porreres), cherry ice cream (the cherries have been delicious this year), and – my latest – a plum and gin sorbet. Just one scoop of the latter is a divine way to cool down on a hot Mallorcan summer’s day.

If you’d like to find out more about eating out at Clandestí Taller Gastronomic, here’s a link to a review I wrote about it for abcMallorca.

Jan Edwards©2017

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