Celebrate International Beer Day on Mallorca

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Yes, it’s a thing: all around the world people are celebrating International Beer Day. It’s been an annual event – on the first Friday in August – since 2008; today, people in more than 200 cities around the globe will raise a glass to the brewers and bartenders who keep the beer flowing.

Pub landlord

A warm welcome from Pep at Lórien

Prop up a bar

If you’re on Mallorca – and in Palma – pay a visit to the characterful pub Lorien, where you’ll need some time to choose from the vast range of bottled beers and the guest beers on tap. Pep opened this place in 1990 and has what many beer fans would regard as the dream job. I am sure he doesn’t always think that when he’s clearing up at the end of an evening!

The Alcúdia-based brewery Beer Lovers now also has a bar/restaurant in Palma de Mallorca’s trendy Plaça de Raimundo Clar.

Shop the island’s craft beers

If you want to buy beers to drink at home, the Palma de Mallorca district of Santa Catalina is home to a shop dedicated to the sale of the amber nectar (and a few different-hued brews too). A good choice of beers awaits you on the shelves of the small shop del Món.

The number of artisan breweries on Mallorca has been growing and you’ll find some of their bottled beers on sale in specialist shops such as the Palma stores Mos Espai Gastronòmic and Cocinaria. 

Mallorca has plenty of other shops specialising in island products, so look out for beers made locally by craft breweries including the following:

As Mallorca is so hot and humid at this time of year, I don’t think many of us would object to drinking a long cold beer this evening. Cheers!

©Jan Edwards 2017

UPDATED October 2019

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