A Palma spot for frozen-yogurt fans

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Palma is a popular city during the summer months and this August it’s even busier than ever, as a result of the numbers of Airbnb-ers staying in Mallorca’s capital and the huge cruise ships that dock in the port, disgorging thousands of passengers.

In Palma on Monday this week, I had a late-morning meeting and mid-afternoon radio studio booking. I figured there was just enough time between these two commitments to grab a quick something to eat for lunch. Except that ‘quick’ was out of the question: everywhere I checked was busy, busy, busy. I eventually found a place with a small vacant table for one (feeling like Jilly No-Mates), but waited long enough for the menu to make me realize that the food (which looked appealing) was unlikely to arrive before I had to leave again. So I left in search of something else.

Frozen yogurt for lunch

Plan B was to buy something snacky in the supermarket at department store El Corte Inglés but, on my way there (walking through the back streets of central Palma to avoid the crowds clogging the main thoroughfares), I came across a little café/frozen-yogurt parlour called Biscuiter. It looked new (it’s been open only a couple of weeks) and cute, so I decided frozen yogurt would be my lunch for the day.

It’s a place where you ‘build’ your own dish: you help yourself to a paper cup (una tarrina) and dispense the amount of plain yogurt you want from the machine (which is quite fun in itself). Then you add the toppings you want from those on display: sprinkles, sweeties, fruit, nuts, seeds, and the like. Take your cup to the counter, where it’s weighed and priced.

Eat in, on tables outside, or take away

I was quite pleased with the look of my creation, which featured fruit and nuts to keep it as healthy as possible; I enjoyed eating it too, perched on a stool by the window. There are a few small tables outside at the front or, of course, you can buy to take away.

Biscuiter also offers ready-made sandwiches and a few pastries, as well as hot and cold drinks, so if yogurt’s not your thing, you can at least grab something to eat here. It’s a very small place – the little ‘sister’ of Biscuiter in Barcelona – and I hope that the footfall in this street will be enough to keep them busy.

Central Palma has plenty of places where you can buy an ice cream (and frozen yogurt too), but at this time of year you can expect to have to wait in line for it. As Biscuiter is off the beaten track and still new, you should be able to get your fix of frozen yogurt without too much of a wait.

A word of warning

It would be easy to get carried away with the amount of yogurt and toppings you add. For the record, my frozen-yogurt ‘lunch’ at Palma’s Biscuiter weighed in at 230gm and cost me 5,17 euros. (If you’re feeling mathematically challenged – as a words girl, I often am – that’s 23 euros a kilo). Just saying…

©Jan Edwards 2017

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