Cute coffee stop in Porto Cristo

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This summer we again regularly went down to Porto Cristo for an early morning swim before the holidaymakers hit the beach. We rewarded our efforts with a visit to La Magrana, a cute little café/restaurant which faces the side of the church (Plaça del Carme). The name of the place is mallorquín for ‘pomegranate’; you’ll spot a few of the fruits in the décor…

Parking is easy (pay at the meter if it’s after 10am) and it’s then just a few steps up the road to the traditional Mallorcan townhouse that’s home to La Magrana, where you can sit on the front terrace looking at the church, indoors (there are also a couple of cosy side rooms), or in the charming enclosed garden at the back.

Coffee…and more

Although we’ve never had more than a post-swim coffee, juice, and a pastry here, the homely La Magrana does offer cooked food (including a Sunday breakfast) and alcoholic drinks and is probably a popular spot for an evening drink in that pretty candlelit garden. We particularly like the woman who owns the place: she’s friendly and her creative artistry is evident in the décor. We also discovered that she speaks English (which may be useful if you don’t speak Spanish), when we overheard her talking to some Scottish customers on the next table during our last visit.

If you fancy a coffee in Porto Cristo and don’t mind being without the sea view, check out La Magrana.  And if you try the food, I’d love to know what you think of it.

La Magrana is closed on Mondays.

©Jan Edwards 2017

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