Els Ullastres Mallorca Sowing the Seeds for Future Growth

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Whether writing articles or blog posts, or interviewing for my Mallorca Sunshine Radio show ‘Table Talk’, I get to meet some very interesting people on this island. One family in particular made a huge impression on me and, through this post, you’ll find out why.

I’d initially seen some of their images on Instagram and curiosity then led me to their website, where I discovered that they were located in our part of the island. Their business Els Ullastres Mallorca cultivates and supplies a large range of organic microgreens to top restaurants across Mallorca.

Microgreens from Els Ullastres Mallorca

Christos Michaels with a tray of microgreens

Els Ullastres Mallorca on the radio

I got in touch and arranged to go and interview them – taking my father along too (with their permission), as he was visiting us at the time and is a keen vegetable grower in his own garden. Sue and Dad found some common ground and we left them in the house chatting about places they both knew from their past, whilst I went to interview Christos and Kathy outside.

I was humbled by the passion and sheer hard work that the three of them – Christos, his mum Kathy, and his nan Sue – put into their horticultural business. You can hear what they had to say here in the interview broadcast on ‘Table Talk’, edition 24.  

Els Ullastres Mallorca

Me (left) in the polytunnel with Els Ullastres Mallorca

Since then, the family and I have kept in touch and we’ve become friends – sharing interesting snippets of news from the restaurant world, such as changes of chef, or new openings.

Future growth

Els Ullastres Mallorca is doing well – purely through sheer hard work, determination, and responding to the needs of the chefs they supply. In April 2018 they secured their first restaurant as a customer. Today, Els Ullastres Mallorca supplies more than 40 restaurants and there is potential to expand their business further. They also plan to grow organic vegetables and have already begun putting in tomato and courgette plants. But there are a few things they need in order to take their business forward and, for that reason, they’ve launched a campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo

I hope you’ll have time to take a few minutes to take a look at their Indiegogo appeal and particularly the video, which was made with the generous assistance of a talented young Polish couple who are videographers on the island of Mallorca. Like me, they were impressed by what this family is doing.

Should you find yourself eating out in one of Mallorca’s fine-dining restaurants, those microgreens that add visual and flavour impact on the plate, are likely to have been supplied by Els Ullastres Mallorca. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute a little something towards their future success…

Jan Edwards©2019


  1. Bettina says

    Hi Jan,

    I am a big fan of your reviews and am wondering whether you could or would help me with a recommendation. I am looking for a nice place in Palma for my birthday lunch next week. Preferably with a “menu del día”. Last year we went to Fera and loved it, but I’d like to try something else. Is there any place you would recommend? I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you and kind regards, Bettina



    • Hi Bettina,

      Thank you for your kind comment about my reviews. Much appreciated. I love Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden in La Lonja, but it doesn’t have a menu del dia. The food is quite healthy and a bit different from many places in town. A bonus is the garden, where you can eat in fine weather. And the staff are lovely. Other than that, Marc Fosh is usually a good bet, with a menu del dia at 29,50 for three plates. In Santa Catalina, there’s Nuru – I don’t think it has a menu dia, but it does have a blackboard of specials in addition to the a la carte menu.

      I have not yet tried the French restaurant at Palacio Can Marques, but have heard good reports. Despite what it says on their website (!), it is open for lunch but is no longer doing the menu del dia. Quadrat at Sant Francesc Hotel Singular has been a favourite of mine, but chef Fonsi recently left to work in Marbella and I have not tried the new chef’s food. Bala Roja at Es Princep is another restaurant that could be worth trying (Andreu Genestra consults): I’ve had dinner there – excellent – but not lunch. They do an ‘executive lunch menu’ – posh description for menu del dia! They have their own website http://www.balaroja.es. Their three course menu was 23,50 euros last time I looked.

      I hope this helps and let me wish you a very happy birthday for next week!

      Best wishes, Jan


    • Oh, Bettina! How could I forget El Patio de Gloria! It’s in the Gloria de Sant Jaume Hotel and introduced a menu del dia back in February.It’s lovely there and the chef used to work with Fernando Arellano at Zaranda and Baiben. Lovely cosy ambience and nice bar for a cocktail or bubbles first!


  2. Mallorca is part of one of Spain Balearic Islands, I appreciate your efforts to bring forward this topic of organic microgreens. They are a small yet amazing source of vitamins.


    • Thanks, Nick! Yes, they’re delicious and it’s really encouraging to see them being used to great effect in so many restaurants here in Mallorca.


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