Must-visit Manacor Gourmet Shop for Truffle Products

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Owners of Trufavino

Happy to welcome you at Trufavino

Brillat-Savarin – the French writer of a famous gastronomic work – wrote that “the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy.” If you  agree, a gourmet boutique in Manacor is well worth a visit. Trufavino opened on April 18th this year and is located in a basement on a pedestrianised street a few metres away from the fresh-produce market.

Owners Elena and Joerg Wilhelm are Russian and German respectively, although both consider themselves world citizens – having travelled widely, lived in different countries, and being open to other cultures. Between them they speak several languages – including excellent English.  As a result, you’ll find a delightful couple ready to show you around their attractive truffle-and-wine shop in the heart of Manacor.

The basement property is believed to be more than a hundred years old and the couple created a rustic-Mallorcan interior for their new business. “We did it all ourselves…with love,” Elena tells me. They have created a welcoming space that will be blissfully cool in the searing heat of the Mallorcan summer.

The sun-and-sea-loving couple have travelled often to Italy. “We visited markets and tried many truffle products that were so tasty, we decided to open a shop selling them in Mallorca,” Joerg explains. He and his wife hope to count local chefs, restaurants, and caterers around the island as future customers – as well as locals and visitors who want to enjoy truffle products at home.

What’s on offer at Trufavino

The range of products on the shelves includes white truffle oil, truffle paste, dried pasta with white truffle, cheese with truffle, charcuterie with truffle, honey with truffle (yes, it’s a thing – and a tasty one at that) and more. In addition, Elena and Joerg offer a few carefully selected wines from their favourite Mallorcan bodegas, Vi Rei and Castell Miquel: “Wine is very good to try with truffle products,” Elena says, with a twinkle in her eye.

Joerg has a corkscrew to hand and will happily open a bottle of wine so you can try before you buy. Similarly, the table area in the centre of the shop is where you can sample some of their tasty truffle products. There’s no pressure to buy though.

“It’s important that you can try before you think about buying,” Elena says. “In our shop we really appreciate that people like to taste first. We can open any bottle or product to show our customers that we have confidence in what we offer.”

It was evident during my first visit here (there have since been more) that these two people enjoy meeting people and spending time in conversation over food and wine. It’s likely that they’ll make new friends, as well as customers, at Trufavino.

If you do visit Trufavino in Manacor, check out the colourful staircase as you leave: the premises were previously a studio for children learning to paint!

Trufavino is open Monday to Friday (10-13h & 16-19h) and on Saturday morning. If you visit Manacor’s weekly Monday market, be sure to pay a visit!


C/ del Mercadel, 8


Jan Edwards ©2019


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