Where to Eat One of Mallorca’s Best BBQs

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Mallorcan summers are perfect for BBQs. Long lazy BBQ dinners with a glass or two of Mallorcan wine sound perfect, don’t they? Not, perhaps, if the temperature’s soaring and the prospect of standing over a fiery grill at home (or at a holiday rental) is unbearable.

The solution is to let someone else do the cooking: find a restaurant where you’ll enjoy the tantalising aromas and delicious flavours of food grilled on a BBQ – without the work involved.

We did that on Sunday night, having heard that the front-line 5-star St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort in Costa d’en Blanes was offering a weekly Sunday-night BBQ. The day had been insufferably humid and hot – a combination that meant we wouldn’t be firing up our own Weber that night.

The BBQ at this smart but friendly resort hotel is held on the large terrace of its Aqua restaurant, with views of the garden. We chose a table right on the edge of the terrace, next to a lawn, from which we could see the hotel’s swimming pools and the Mediterranean beyond.

Our BBQ Dinner

A server quickly took our drinks order and another brought a platter of breads and dips, which were too good not to finish. Then we went indoors to the buffet area to choose our starters. Chilled soups, Iberian serrano ham, Mallorcan charcuterie, smoked salmon, coca (Mallorca’s answer to pizza – but without cheese), and a wide assortment of salads all vied for our attention.

We helped ourselves – reminding ourselves that we’d be eating from the BBQ afterwards – and returned to our table. On the way, a server relieved us of our plates and carried them to the table for us. Five-star service.

Two chefs – cheerful, despite the heat – were cooking in the BBQ area at one side of the terrace.  The choice and quality of meats and seafood were excellent and plenty of side dishes were available too. As well as salad greens from the indoor buffet, I helped myself to rosemary potatoes and mushrooms with my plate of prawns, succulent beef, and a lamb cutlet. What a delicious plateful!

The Sunday-night BBQ at the St Regis Mardavall Mallorca ends with another visit to the buffet for mini-desserts, ice creams, and choice of cheeses. Here are just a few from the night we were there.

Sadly we called a halt to dinner after the desserts, despite our server recommending us to have cheese too. We just didn’t have room for any more food. Next time, we’ll save space for some cheese.

Our Verdict

It’s a thumbs up from us! The setting, the food choice and quality, and the service ticked all the right boxes. Whether you’re holidaying or living in Mallorca, if you’re yearning for a BBQ – with not a burnt sausage in sight – choose the high-quality option and book a table for one of these Sunday night BBQs – which continue until the end of September. The cost is 65€, excluding drinks.

We’ve visited the St Regis Mardavall Mallorca hotel on many occasions for various events and activities and have always been impressed with the service and facilities.


Jan Edwards ©2019

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