The mymuybueno Cookbook Now Available for Pre-Order

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Remember this name: Justine Murphy. If you’re a foodie and love to cook – in a domestic or professional capacity – you’re likely to hear a lot about this Mallorca-based English businesswoman, chef, and mother  over the coming months (especially if you’re in the UK).

I met Justine, her husband Paul, and their first baby, at a pop-up Thanksgiving Dinner back in 2013. The event was held in the acclaimed naturist Skinny Dippers boutique hotel, near Campos, in Mallorca. (No, we weren’t dining in the buff – neither was anyone else, as the event was during the hotel’s closed season).

Justine had founded her business mymuybueno in 2011 and, since meeting her in its early years, I’ve followed the company’s progress. Recently, Justine celebrated the mymuybueno Group’s eighth anniversary. Headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, but with an office also in London, the group now has seven divisions and operates internationally.

Raising Awareness of Erbs Palsy

As well as being CEO of her company, this dynamic woman is now mum to two young angelic-looking boys – the eldest of whom has Erbs Palsy and has to have daily physiotherapy at home. Erbs Palsy is a disability caused when excessive force is used during the delivery of a baby. Justine started a support group in Mallorca for other similarly affected families and aims to raise awareness of what is a totally avoidable injury.

Women in Business Champion

Justine is also an avid supporter of other female entrepreneurs and her monthly Women in Business Breakfast networking meetings in Palma de Mallorca are a must for any woman making her own way in the world of commerce on this Spanish island.

On February 1st, 2020, Justine will host her third Women in Business Day. It’s a day when she shares her story, her philosophy and business methods – as well as some of her delicious food during lunch. At the first event of its kind, quite a few attendees (myself included) needed tissues when listening to the heartbreaking story of extreme adversity in Justine’s childhood and teenage years. Knowing her background makes what she has achieved with mymuybueno – and in her family life – even more remarkable.

Cookbook Author

Somehow during 2019, Justine found time to secure a publisher for her first book of recipes. The mymuybueno Cookbook (Mezze Publishing) will be published in April 2020. The publisher’s blurb says “this is a book to inspire, to share, to reflect – with good, healthy, refined-sugar-free food at the heart of it.”

Over 288 pages, this hardback book contains 160 recipes for healthy breakfasts, sharing platters, soups, curries, salads, main dishes and plant-based desserts. It also gives an insight into Justine’s world and her past, and offers tips on “how to juggle the many balls of modern life whilst ensuring that the joy of good food – and sharing it with those you love – takes centre stage in life.”

Now that you’ve bought Christmas gifts for your loved ones, how about a gift for yourself? Although The mymuybueno Cookbook won’t be published until April, it is now available to pre-order on Amazon (UK) at £17.50 (the RRP is £25). I’ve treated myself – and look forward to treating family and friends to some of Justine’s dishes in the future.

You can hear Justine Murphy in conversation with me here for ‘Table Talk’ on Mallorca Sunshine Radio. Justine’s interview is the most recent (dated December 21st).

And finally, a Merry Christmas to you, dear reader. May your festive season be filled with love, good food and drink – shared with those who matter to you – and optimism for the next decade.

Jan Edwards ©2019

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