Veganuary in Mallorca: Where to Eat Vegan this January

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Superfoods and vegan/raw treats for sale

A belated Happy New Year to you; I hope your 2020 has begun well. If you’ve committed to eating only plant-based food during January – or Veganuary, as the year’s first month has been designated since 2014 – you’ll want to know some places where you can find vegan dishes, if you’re going to be in Mallorca.

In 2015 the UK’s Vegan Society declared Mallorca the top holiday destination for vegans in Europe, so it’s just a matter of tracking down suitable eateries. You won’t be surprised to learn that the greatest choice is in the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca.

Although I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, I enjoy plant-based cuisine on a regular basis and relish the challenge of creating appealing veggie dishes at home. We have vegetarian and vegan friends who visit Mallorca for holidays and it’s good to know they can easily find suitable food when eating out (which wasn’t the case when we moved here in 2004).

Vegan & Raw

Beverley Pugh has lived in Mallorca for many years and has been a champion of raw and vegan food ever since I’ve known her. We recently paid our first (and rather overdue) visit to her Palma restaurant Vegan & Raw, for lunch. Beverley’s food is all vegan and organic, but she does offer some cooked, as well as raw, dishes.

Vegan & Raw is a little out of Palma de Mallorca’s touristic centre, but a walkable distance. It faces the square known as Plaza de los Patines (where there’s a convenient underground car park and, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, an organic farmers’ market). In fine weather, you can sit outside at the front of Vegan & Raw and watch the world go by. It’s quite a pleasant square, which is also home to an organic supermarket.

You enter Vegan & Raw by the kitchen area and opposite is a corner given over to products for sale, including bags of superfoods. The place feels both wholesome and welcoming.

Vegan & Raw restaurant offers cooked and raw vegan dishes on its daily lunch menu, which costs 15€ for three courses (with choices and including water). We could have ordered organic beer and wine but, hey, it was just after Christmas and a little reprieve from the festive alcohol consumption seemed appropriate with a super-healthy lunch.

We could have chosen a soup, smoothie, or salad to start. We both had salad, which was bursting with fresh flavours and textures and was surprisingly satisfying. The main courses were a pumpkin wrap, Beyond Burger, buddha bowl, or vegetable curry with rice. Having started with a cold dish, we chose the curry, which was served in a bowl on a bed of wholegrain rice.

A raw carrot cake (not sure how that works) or mango mousse were our dessert options. Although curious about the raw carrot cake, I’m a mango fan, so it had to be the mousse. This was served in a chilled glass, sprinkled with desiccated coconut and crunchy dehydrated buckwheat; the latter gave a delicious nutty taste (and made me determined to buy myself a dehydrator this year). We both felt satisfied and a tad smug about our virtuous choice of lunch venue.

Vegan & Raw also offers breakfast dishes, power shots, cold-press juices, organic coffee, plant-based-milk drinks, smoothies and shakes. On Saturdays, there’s a buffet brunch for 15€. Beverley Pugh’s popular eatery is also the venue for occasional events, such as cooking classes, etc. Whether or not you’re committing to Veganuary, a visit to Vegan & Raw is an opportunity to eat healthy and tasty plant-based food.

Open: Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00h; Saturday 09:00-16:00h (buffet brunch 11:00-15:00h)

Other Vegan Eateries are Available

The following are some of the other places in Palma where I know you can eat good vegan food.

  • Bon Lloc
  • Sabores de Sandra
  • Ziva to Go

Some regular restaurants also offer vegan dishes on their menu and, of course, new vegan eateries pop up from time to time. For details of these and other places in Mallorca offering vegan and/or vegetarian food, check out the specialist websites Happy Cow or Vegavu.

Jan Edwards©2020

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