Eat, Drink, Sleep, Mallorca – at Home

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Drink / Eat / Sleep

As in many countries now, restaurants, bars, cafés, and hotels in Mallorca (and the rest of Spain) are closed for the foreseeable future. We’re in lockdown. We are staying at home. #mequedoencasa

Baltasar Rigo, the new chef at Finca Serena in Mallorca, awaits you on return to ‘business as usual’.

I love the island of Mallorca and have met (and interviewed) many interesting and amiable people in the hospitality sector – quite a number of whom have become friends. I’m devastated for everyone in this normally hardworking sector of the overall tourism industry and, until now, I just couldn’t motivate myself to write a post on this blog.

Just days before the lockdown came into force, the owners of a new Palma restaurant contacted me about their launch party on Thursday night. Apart from investing in the business in the first place, they would have spent good money to throw a party for future diners. Three days later, we were on lockdown – all such businesses having to close their doors. That very same Thursday, I attended a press lunch at the beautiful Finca Serena hotel, where the new chef showcased his skills. What a shame that nobody can enjoy his delicious cuisine at the moment. It’s all heartbreaking.

From Optimism to Uncertainty

This is the time of year when seasonal businesses would be reopening – or preparing to reopen. A time of optimism and expectation. A time when I would have a much greater choice of open restaurants to consider as a potential Restaurant of the Week, on my weekly gastronomy and hospitality show ‘Table Talk’ on Mallorca Sunshine Radio. That show – for obvious reasons – is now postponed for the duration. Instead, I am preparing and recording (inside our guest-room wardrobe – gotta work from home) twice-daily coronavirus update bulletins. I know which I’d rather be doing…

Creative Ways to Survive

But in every negative situation there are positives. Local businesses in Mallorca’s food and drinks sector are finding ways to continue working, maintain an income, and keep as many employees on their books as possible. Home delivery services are booming in Mallorca – and not just those of supermarkets chains. Restaurant owners/chefs are sharing recipe videos or offering prepared-food deliveries. I’d rather support a Mallorcan business than a multinational supermarket chain, and have already ordered our first home delivery from a local supplier of vegetables and fruit.

In my next post, I’ll explore some of these positive initiatives further (and tell you about the delivery of amazing fresh produce we’ve had at home). In the meantime, enjoy your weekend – you’re probably also in lockdown somewhere – and stay well. And if you’re dreaming of lunch or dinner out, some time in the future, in one of Mallorca’s many excellent restaurants…you’re not the only one.

Jan Edwards ©2020

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