How to Support Mallorca’s Food & Drinks Businesses in the Crisis

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We surely all want to be able to eat out at our favourite restaurants in Mallorca again some time. But these are worrying times for many restaurant owners, chefs, and other staff and they’re going to need the support of those who can afford to give it when this horrible mess is all over.

Some people in the food-and-drink sector aren’t waiting for the lockdown to end; they’re finding ways to bring in some much-needed income. Home-delivery shopping services are booming and, to help these smaller businesses to survive, I’d rather support them than the big supermarket chains – which will always be the first choice of many, purely for the convenience factor.

Today I have details of three different types of home-delivery services, which may be of interest to you if you’re on the island of Mallorca – and a free online class so you can learn how to make an authentic Valencian paella.


Alfresco lunch amidst vines growing table grapes

These Manacor-based producers of vegetables and fruit will deliver their produce to homes in the Llevant area of Mallorca.

I came across the company last year, when The Boss and I enjoyed one of their foodie ‘experiences’. We look forward to going back for another one day. If you’re planning a visit to Mallorca some time in the future – when the coronavirus crisis is over – I can recommend spending a few hours with Terragust. You can read here about our experience with them.

Our first delivery of a Terragust vegetable box was last Friday. I was like a kid at Christmas when I saw the bounty of goodies that Matias delivered, for just 15€ (including delivery). I’ve had great fun coming up with recipes incorporating these delicious items.

We still have a green cabbage, half a red cabbage, a cauliflower and some chard to use, so tomorrow’s delivery is going to be a fruit box and a couple of avocados. Although the vegetables and citrus fruits were from the Terragust farms around Manacor, the fruit coming tomorrow would appear to have been sourced from elsewhere. I’m sure it’ll be of good quality. For details of their online shop, see this website

Restaurante Sebastian

Patricia and Sebastian Pasch of Restaurante Sebastian

This excellent and cosy restaurant in the mountain village of Deià celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. The restaurant was due to re-open in late March but, like every other eatery, the doors are closed.

But you can still eat chef Sebastian Pasch‘s delicious cuisine, as he’s offering a limited menu of dishes to enjoy at home. The dishes are all garnished and can be delivered – although I’m not sure how far this service extends. See their Instagram page for the menu and telephone number to call.

Botànic – Chef Andrés Benítez

Botanic’s chef Andres Benitez

If a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, or some other noteworthy event – is on the horizon and you can’t go out to have a celebratory dinner, help is at hand. If you live in Palma, from today, April 2nd – and every Thursday to Sunday – Andrés Benítez of Botànic (the restaurant at the unique 5-star Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden) could be preparing you a gastronomic meal, for delivery to your home.

For information about the home-delivery menu on offer, see this website.

And Now for Something Different: Let’s Cook…Paella

Ever wanted to master the art of making an authentic paella? Well, help is at hand – and you don’t have to be in Mallorca to take advantage of Paella Lover‘s first FREE online Paella Valenciana Master Cooking Class.

Let Guillermo give you a FREE online masterclass in making paella

Paella Lover – alias valenciano Guillermo Bermell, who lives in Palma, is passionate about the typical dish of his home city. In normal times, he runs paella-cooking classes and will come and cook a paella at your home (or holiday home – something to note, if you’re planning to visit Mallorca later this  year). He’s a thoroughly likeable man who speaks excellent English and was one of my most entertaining guests on Table Talk on Mallorca Sunshine Radio. (You can hear the interview in edition 92 here.)

If you want to learn the secrets of making Spain’s most emblematic dish, you’ll need to Like/Follow Paella Lover’s Facebook page. You’ll find the list of ingredients and equipment you’ll need for the class already on the page and the free online Paella Valenciana Master Cooking Class will be aired LIVE on Facebook Saturday, April 4th at 12:00h CET.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you stay well and positive.

Jan Edwards©2020

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