Palma’s Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden Reopens

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Suitcase and sunhat

Ready for a staycation?

When will Mallorca’s tourist season begin? That’s the question on everyone’s lips in the hospitality sector. As far as international visitors are concerned, everything I’ve read suggests that Spain won’t open its borders before July 1st – and then only to Schengen Area countries (of which the UK is not one). In theory – and depending what happens with the pandemic – that means holidaymakers from 26 countries could come to Mallorca for a holiday in the second half of this year.

Hotels were allowed to reopen on Monday this week, as Mallorca entered Phase 1 of the de-escalation of the Covid-19 emergency measures. Few have opened, because there are no foreign tourists to stay in them yet.

Peace and Tranquillity in Palma

One hotel that has opened is one of my personal favourites (I have a handful, depending on what type of stay we’re looking for at the time). Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden – a unique 5-star property in Palma’s La Lonja – opened its doors for business again today. It’s tucked away in a quiet lane but a very short walk from Mallorca’s capital’s attractions.

The 24-suite hotel (which feels more like the private home of super-fortunate friends) has published an excellent and easy-to-understand protocol document for guests. It’s an impressive read and no aspect has been overlooked.

The protocols apply for guests staying in one of the gorgeous suites or simply coming to eat in the property’s Botànic Restaurant. The latter is open all day for breakfast; 12:30-15:30h for lunch, and 19:00-22:00h for dinner. Weather permitting, you’ll eat in the tranquil private garden.

Sanctuary of Hospitality

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden describes itself as a ‘sanctuary of hospitality’ and I couldn’t argue with that. The hotel has one of the most caring of the many hospitality teams I’ve come across (I worked in the hotel business for a number of years and have stayed in countless other hotels).

Yes, a stay in this (or any other hotel during these strange times) will be different from what we’re all used to – because of the pandemic-avoiding hygiene and safety measures that have been put in place – but general manager Giovanni Morello and his hotel ‘family’ will ensure you have a relaxing and stress-free experience.

Holiday at Home

Mallorca’s tourism sector shouldn’t have to rely on international visitors: the island has enough variety that you can live in one area and go and stay somewhere else here for a complete change of scene. The Boss and I rarely leave Mallorca (we have a posse of pussycats to look after, making ‘proper’ holidays a distant memory); instead, we have occasional single-night stays somewhere else on the island. We’ll be continuing to do this as hotels reopen.

If you live in Mallorca and can afford to take a break as hotels begin to re-open, you’ll be giving some much-needed support to a sector facing its worst-ever season. And who doesn’t want a break from the same four walls we’ve largely been confined to for almost two months?


Note: My Mallorca Sunshine Radio show ‘Table Talk’ is currently on hold, but you can hear an interesting interview with the delightful Joan Morro, head concierge at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden in Palma de Mallorca here (scroll down to ‘Table Talk’ 91).

Jan Edwards ©2020

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