Need-to-Know if You’re Coming to Mallorca (or anywhere else in Spain)

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The swimming pool at Finca Serena hotel, near Montuiri

Coming to Mallorca—or another destination in Spain—for your holiday this year? Then there’s something you must do before you leave home.

Forty-eight hours before you arrive in Spain, you should complete the Spanish Government’s online health declaration (known as the FCS form)—regardless of your nationality or age.

The forms are personal and non-transferable and for one visit only. If any traveller is a minor, dependent, or has a disability, their carer can complete the form and is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Before you travel, be sure to have completed and signed the form on the website (see link below) or on the mobile app. In return you will get a Health QR Code that you’ll have to show (paper version or on your mobile device) at the airport health control.

For information about the health measures in Spain relating to the pandemic, see the following:

In English and other languages

Spain had one of Europe’s toughest lockdowns. Many people have lost their jobs, businesses have failed, and tourism has been the worst affected sector in Mallorca.

If you’re coming to our beautiful island—which is ready to welcome you—please adhere to the hygiene measures in place to ensure you have a safe holiday here. And please comply with the requirement to wear a mask in places where you can’t maintain social distancing. You could face a heavy fine for not doing so.

You’ll find the necessary travel form for completion on this website, which has an English-language option.

IMPORTANT ADDITION: From Monday, July 13th, 2020, it will be compulsory for anyone over the age of six to wear a mask in public places in the Balearics – even if social distancing can be maintained. Exceptions to this are on the beach, at a swimming pool, or if you can prove (presumably with a doctor’s letter?) that your health would be compromised by wearing a mask. This applies to EVERYONE – visitors and residents. An official bulletin from the Balearic Government is due to be published either today (10th) or tomorrow (11th) July, with further details relating to mask usage when eating and drinking out.

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