Where to Celebrate International Beer Day 2020 in Mallorca

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Today, August 7th, is International Beer Day—which sounds like the perfect excuse for a long cold beer to quench the summer thirst. The idea of International Beer Day was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 2007; it seems to have caught on.

For those who are still in lockdown, celebrating this day will mean pulling a tinny (or bottle) out of the fridge and enjoying it in the safety of your own home. Others will have the chance to go out and have a beer, albeit probably in a socially distanced situation.

A Beer ‘Out Out’ in Mallorca

If you’re in Mallorca, let me suggest a couple of places to go and raise a glass to International Beer Day.

In Palma de Mallorca , I’d suggest Lórien, which is open daily from 17:00h, except for Sundays and Mondays, when it’s closed. This popular and atmospheric Palma pub recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and offers a world of beers—in bottles and on tap. Read more about it here.

Brewery sign

The Toutatis brewery at Cas Canar, Sencelles

Fans of craft beers should head to Toutatis, in the tiny hamlet of Cas Canar, near Sencelles. It’s open for a beer (or two) daily from 17:00h during the summer and, if you’re lucky, you may meet Michel Campioni there, the Belgian architect who founded the microbrewery and lives nearby. He’s an affable chap with lots of great stories to tell and a choice of his own Belgian beers, brewed in Mallorca. He’s recently added some new brews to his range.



If you’ve visited Toutatis in the past, you may have parked outside the brewery, but for now, the parking situation is under review. However, the resourceful Michel has come up with a temporary solution: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, from 6pm until 11pm, Toutatis is offering a free shuttle service between the brewery and the public car park in Sencelles (C/des Molins, behind Aprop supermarket). Departures are every 20 minutes from 6pm.

I’d always recommend that you phone ahead before you visit either place, in case of a change of hours.

Wherever you enjoy a tipple on this International Beer Day, cheers!


Jan Edwards ©2020

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