Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 in Mallorca

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You don’t have to be American to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey feast. We’ve enjoyed three special Thanksgiving dinners here in Mallorca – all cooked by the same talented American private chef, Ross Hutchison, whose professional kitchen is in Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca.

Ross carving a turkey at one of the special Thanksgiving dinners we’ve attended in Mallorca

Thanksgiving is an occasion that seems even more important in this devastating pandemic year, when every opportunity should be seized to be grateful for any positives in life – however small. The pandemic has prevented large gatherings of family and friends for this Thanksgiving Day in Mallorca: a maximum of six people can gather around a table.

If you are in Mallorca, Ross is offering something special: your traditional Thanksgiving feast all prepared and ready for you to collect and finish at home, as a celebration meal for four or six people. Feel your taste buds tingle as you read this…

Ross’s Thanksgiving Feast

Here’s what you get:

Oven-ready herb-brined turkey

Turkey gravy

Sourdough loaf with beurre noisette

Truffle-whipped mashed potatoes

Honey-glazed carrots, toasted hazelnuts, warm vinaigrette

Classic green bean casserole with wild seasonal mushrooms

Autumn-harvest kale salad with apple, persimmon, and orange fennel dressing

Fresh cranberry relish


Brown-butter maple pecan pie with whipped cream

Need to Know

Ross will prep and pre-cook all the dishes – except the turkey. The herb-brined bird will come in an oven-safe bag, ready to cook. Chef’s personal guidelines and heating instructions for the other dishes – all cooked – are included.

Of course, every feast deserves a good wine and Ross has this sorted too. Each order includes one bottle of 2019 Château Grand Boise Côtes de Provence natural red wine.

The cost for this dinner is 220 euros for four people, and 275 euros for six people. Payment is taken on order, through bank transfer.

Collect your feast on either November 25th or 26th, but if you collect it on the 25th, be sure to leave plenty of space in your ‘fridge for the food.

Orders must be placed by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th through WhatsApp only on +34 671 512 012

Happy Thanksgiving when it arrives, wherever you are.

Jan Edwards Copyright 2020

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