A New Healthy Takeaway Option in Palma

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If you need time off from cooking duties in the kitchen, eating out is still not an option in Mallorca. It’s being reported that restaurants, bars, and cafes will be able to open their terraces again from next Tuesday, March 2nd — albeit with reduced capacity, a maximum of four people at a table, and an early closing time.

It was suggested that these establishments would have to close by 6pm; however, the Balearic government has now said they want a closing time of 4pm. You can bet some heated discussions will be going on over the next few days between hospitality sector representatives and the government, before the official announcement and details this Friday (26th).

What about Dinner?

The upshot is that we could possibly be eating lunch out next week (fingers crossed for the weather) but, for a-night-off-cooking dinner at home, takeaways and delivered food are still the best ways to achieve this.

Restaurant owners and chefs continue to adapt what they offer during the restrictions to appeal to consumers who may be tired of menu planning and seeking out new recipes to counter the routine of cooking every lunch and dinner.

Easy, Healthy, Affordable

Chef Ross Hutchison — aka Private Chef Mallorca — has just launched an appealing and affordable service from Palma de Mallorca for those of us fortunate enough to live on the island. From this week, he’s offering a choice of healthy, prepared dishes to pick up from his premises, The Kitchen Space Palma (Carrer del Torrent, 4). Prices are super-keen: soups and salads (presented in glass jars) are 6 euros each; return the empty jar for a one euro credit on your next jar. Main dishes (in boxes) are 8 euros each, and include veggies and healthy grains. Desserts are 3 euros each. Ross calls his new concept ‘Tuesdays & Fridays’.

How it Works

Ross publishes the weekly meal plan on a Sunday and asks for orders by 8pm the next day for a Tuesday pick-up and by 8pm on Thursday for a Friday pick-up. You could give yourself a whole weekend free of cooking by ordering a few dishes on Thursday for collection on the Friday.

Pick-up of dishes from The Kitchen Space Palma is on Tuesdays and Fridays between 11am and 4pm. Or get Glovo to collect your order to deliver to your home or workplace.

Payment is in cash for now, but you’ll soon be able to order and pay via card online. To order food or receive the weekly menu plan each week on a Sunday, visit this page on the PRIVATE CHEF MALLORCA website.

Sample Dishes

Here are just some of the dishes Ross offered for this week’s inaugural meal plan, to whet your appetite for future weeks:

SOUPS: Coconut, Cauliflower, Cashew; Vegan Chili; Spicy Broccoli and Spinach.

SALADS: Caesar with Anchovy Dressing and Croutons; Five Bean Salad; Spinach, Fried Chickpeas, Pickled Onions, and Orange Vinaigrette.

BOXES: Saffron Salmon, Garlic Chili Broccoli, Brown Rice Lentil Risotto, Orange Salsa; Real Tex-Mex (Ross is a Texan!) of Mixed Grilled Fajita with Beef, Chicken, Sweet Peppers, and Onions, Black Bean Rice, Two Home-made Tortillas, Pico de Gallo.

DESSERT: Almond Cake with Vanilla Cream and Salted Caramel.

Seawater Sourdough

Ross bakes fabulous seawater sourdough bread so while you’re ordering your easy, healthy, and affordable takeaway dishes, give one of his loaves a try.

He’s a great chef and we’ve eaten his food on many occasions, so we wish him luck with this new service — a real boon for anyone who lives and/or works in Palma de Mallora or fairly close by.

GOOD TO KNOW: Carrer Torrent is close to the Paseo Marítimo, near the AC Ciutat de Palma hotel. Street parking for the time it takes to pick up your food is available in the area.

Photos courtesy of ‘Tuesdays & Fridays’


Jan Edwards Copyright 2021

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