Deià’s Belmond La Residencia is Star of a Memoir

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The late Princess Diana was only one of the many famous guests who’ve sought relaxation, sanctuary, and privacy at Mallorca’s 5-star Belmond La Residencia hotel, located in the mountain village of Deià. But you won’t read tabloid-style revelations about celebrity guests in Louise Davis’ debut memoir, Hideaway Hotel – Secrets of a Mediterranean Celebrity Retreat (pub Ant Press). Instead, readers will find a discreet and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at this much-loved hotel.

Louise worked as public relations manager at La Residencia for twenty-two years, witnessing changes to the property, its ownership, and management. She wrote her debut memoir after retiring from what is probably one of Mallorca’s most enviable PR roles.

Having worked in hotel PR myself (for a couple of international chains and a country house hotel in the UK), I found Louise’s book an interesting read. I imagine anyone who’s stayed at Belmond La Residencia or has an interest in hotels, hospitality, tourism, or public relations, will also enjoy finding out more about this iconic hotel. I found the details about its history and cultural and community involvement particularly interesting.

I interviewed Louise Davis for my podcast ‘Authors in Mallorca’ and you can hear our conversation on the link at the end of this post..

If you’d like to read Hideaway Hotel – Secrets of a Mediterranean Celebrity Retreat by Louise Davis, you’ll find it on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. If you’re in Mallorca, check out Universal Bookshop in Portals Nous — where owner Kay Halley is an enthusiastic supporter of local authors.

New General Manager for 2021

Thomas Moons

There’s been a change at the helm of Belmond La Residencia this year. Following the departure of Ulisses Marreiros — who was at the hotel for eight years and has now moved to Belmond’s Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro — Thomas Moons was appointed general manager.

Moons brings more than 15 years’ international hospitality experience to his new role in Deià, having worked at renowned hotels in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Dubai, before joining Belmond in 2012. He worked for the company in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos, before moving to Peru. Under his leadership, Miraflores Park in Lima gained recognition as South American’s Most Romantic Resort, Peru’s Leading Hotel Suite, and Peru’s Leading Business Hotel in the 2020 World Travel Awards.

‘It is my great pleasure to lead the team at La Residencia,’ Moons said of his new role. ‘Together with my team, I look forward to welcoming guests back to the storied history of La Residencia when the hotel opens for the spring season, and taking the hotel and brand to new heights.’

The five-star Deià hotel is expected to open for the 2021 season on May 17th.

And so another chapter begins for Belmond La Residencia…

Josie Lloyd – Novelist (Also Writes as Joanna Rees) Authors in Mallorca

With a writing career spanning more than twenty years, Josie Lloyd knows a lot about the writing and publishing processes. Josie's written solo and with her husband Emlyn Rees, but also in another genre as Joanna Rees. Her loft in Brighton groans  under the weight of her and their many foreign versions of published books.  Josie's new novel The Cancer Ladies' Running Club draws on her own experiences of going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2017.  Despite the subject, it's an uplifting story of friendship and hope that also reveals Josie's sense of humour.  In our conversation, Josie talks about their holiday home in Mallorca, how she met Emlyn, working collaboratively, their parodies, writing in a different genre as Joanna Rees, and how the lockdown impacted on her work. Hear about the music that helped with one of her novels, her views on agents and publishing, the new novel, and more. The Cancer Ladies' Running Club is available to pre-order on Amazon, with a publication date of the thirteenth of May, 2021. 
  1. Josie Lloyd – Novelist (Also Writes as Joanna Rees)
  2. Louise Davis – Memoirist
  3. Pete Davies – Debut Novelist (Crime Thriller)
  4. Dr James Rieley – Multi-Genre Author
  5. Dawne Archer — Memoirist

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