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With the further easing of certain pandemic restrictions, visitors from some countries are now able to travel to Mallorca. More hotels here – and their restaurants – are opening their doors this month, as a result.

Last Tuesday (11th), the Michelin-star eponymous restaurant Marc Fosh reopened in the Palma hotel Convent de la Missió. Two days afterwards we were there. I’m a big fan of Marc’s cuisine – his restaurant is the only Michelin-star restaurant with a British chef – and I wanted to celebrate the fact that my novel manuscript was completed … written, edited, and proofed. I decided to treat The Boss and myself to lunch in the restaurant that’s featured and named in the novel.

New Lunch Concept

Pre-pandemic, Marc Fosh offered a weekly changing three-course lunch menu which cost under 30 euros. A new concept has been introduced for lunchtimes … a choice of two menus: the five-plate weekly menu (46,50 euros, with a supplement if you want a cheese course too), and the six-plate Menu Marc (75 euros). In addition, both menus have introductory snacks and petits fours at the end.

Weekly Menu

We were happy to have the weekly menu, which we felt was excellent value for the price.

Some restaurants in Mallorca have now introduced second sittings at lunchtimes in order to get more diners through (and who can blame them after the past year of closures?). This hasn’t happened at Marc Fosh, so we were able to enjoy the traditional Spanish sobremesa – the relaxed period of conversation ‘over the table’ after a meal has ended. We had a delicious meal, with great service, and a throughly enjoyable experience … as always at this Palma destination restaurant.

A Wine Presentation Unique in Mallorca to Marc Fosh

Marc Fosh restaurant’s sommelier Giorgia Scaramella recommends a couple of wines to complement each weekly menu. With the glazed beef cheeks we had a glass each of Quite 2019, from Bodega Verónica Ortega, made from Mencía grapes grown on vines more than eight years old. It’s a fresh-tasting organic wine with a bouquet of forest herbs and notes of mature fruits.

The wine we tried first though was not one of the two featured wines of the week, but something rather special: Adorado de Menade, which is presented in an eight-litre demijohn inside a wicker basket. There’s a degree of theatre in the serving of this wine, which is a 50/50 blend of Verdejo and Palomino grapes. The wine is produced in a basic solera system in decades-old sherry casks. The ‘mother’ solera dates from 1967 but Bodegas Menade only started taking the wine from the system in 2018. Adorado has a rich amber colour and a bouquet that could transport you to Jerez thanks to the wine’s time in sherry casks. It’s served by the glass, obviously, and we thought it tasted sensational.

‘Bodegas Menade extracts only 50 litres each year,’ Giorgia said, adding that in Spain only a restaurant in Madrid and Marc Fosh in Palma de Mallorca offer this wine. Canny Giorgia bought two demijohns, so there should be plenty left for a while!

Need to Know

Marc Fosh restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Marc is also the culinary consultant for the restaurant of sister hotel Pleta de Mar in Canyamel.

If you enjoy Marc’s style of Mediterranean cooking, look out for his cookbook on sale in the restaurant.

Jan Edwards Copyright 2021

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