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A wonderful slogan from the wall of Italian restaurant A Casa Mia in Santa Catalina, Palma

A wonderful slogan from the wall of Italian restaurant A Casa Mia in Santa Catalina, Palma

Eat, drink, sleep Mallorca seemed the perfect title for my second blog, as it brings together some of the things that give me a great deal of pleasure, living here on the Balearic island of Mallorca – my home since 2004.

My other blog www.livinginruralmallorca.com is all about the life I share with The Boss and a glaring (a very appropriate collective noun) of cats on a Mallorcan finca. Eat, drink, sleep Mallorca is where you can read articles, comments and news about some of my other interests: anything foodie, wine, and hotels – all Mallorca-related.

I’ve always been interested in cooking and foodie stuff – although the ‘inventive’ cod and banana dish (yes, I’m afraid so) that I devised as a young newlywed ought to have been grounds for divorce …

As for hotels, my UK CV includes a few years in PR in the hotel industry (alongside a broadcasting career), and although quite a few years have passed since I swapped PR for journalism, hotels are my not-so-secret passion. Ask The Boss, who is used to me diving into unfamiliar hotels to have a quick look around.

Although I have an excellent working knowledge of Mallorca’s gastronomic and hotel scene, this blog isn’t intended to be a guide to restaurants on Mallorca. If that’s what you’re looking for, may I suggest you start by checking out www.abc-mallorca.com? You’ll find the 2016 guide to 101 top restaurants on Mallorca on the site – a project I spent a lot of time working on!

If you’re an editor, looking for articles about my areas of interest on Mallorca, please get in touch by email. I’m a reliable journalist who always meets deadlines and I can provide my own hi-res images to accompany articles.

If you’re just interested in reading about one person’s views on eating, drinking, and staying on Mallorca, I hope you’ll enjoy following this blog.

Follow me on Twitter @MallorcaJan. Email me on mallorcajanedwards@outlook.com

I own the copyright to all written material – and photographs, unless otherwise attributed – published on this website. 

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