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Mallorca’s Michelin Stars for 2023

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The annual Michelin gala for Spain and Portugal took place last night in Toledo at the Palacio de Congresos ‘El Greco’. This event is when the NEW stars are announced, and the relevant chefs take to the stage to collect their chef’s jacket, embroidered with the Michelin star(s). Mallorca has one new star for 2023. Javier Hoebeeck was in Toledo to collect his jacket for Fusión 19 in Playa de Muro (part of Grupo Boulevard). […]

Review of Übeck Restaurant in Manacor

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Javier Hoebeeck – who’s the chef behind the culinary creations at the Playa de Muro restaurants Fusion 19 and Gaikan – is the owner of the eatery Übeck in Manacor. Fusion 19 is on my list of restaurants in Mallorca I’d like to try, but the 80€ per head price tag for what does look like a fabulous tasting menu means we’ll have to save our visit for a special occasion. Javier’s Übeck restaurant in […]