About the author, Jan Edwards

A wonderful slogan from the wall of Italian restaurant A Casa Mia in Santa Catalina, Palma

A wonderful slogan from the wall of Italian restaurant A Casa Mia in Santa Catalina, Palma

Eat, drink, sleep Mallorca is a compilation of my musings about some of the pleasures of living on the Balearic island of Mallorca – my full-time home since 2004.

You’ll find articles, comments, news, and images all related to anything foodie, wine, or hotels – all in Mallorca.

I’ve always been a foodie and interested in cooking – although the ‘inventive’ cod and banana dish (yes, I’m afraid so) that I once devised as a young newlywed ought to have been grounds for divorce. These days, people don’t need to be scared when they’re invited for a meal!

Looking for a freelance writer about Mallorca?

If you’re an editor of a print or online publication, looking for features, reviews, or news articles relating to Mallorca’s gastronomy and hospitality, please get in touch by email using the form below. You can rely on me to meet deadlines and provide my own hi-res images to accompany articles.

If you’re just interested in reading about a British expat’s experiences of eating, drinking, and hotel stays in Mallorca, do sign up to receive future posts by email. I also have another blog about my rural life with The Boss and a glaring (a very appropriate collective noun, particularly at feeding time) of cats on a Mallorcan finca.

Email me using the form below to mallorcajanedwards@outlook.com  

Can we work together?

If you’re a PR or represent a restaurant, bar, or hotel in Mallorca that may be interesting for me to write about, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.

Experience in the hospitality industry

My UK CV includes a few years in hotel-industry PR for two international chains, a private owned country house hotel, and an independent property in Mayfair, London.

Although I no longer work in the hospitality sector, hotels (and restaurants) are my not-so-secret passion and I particularly enjoy reviewing these and giving feedback on the experience.

In the UK, I took part in ‘snagging’ stays to test new hotels’ facilities and services.


Whilst working in the hotel business during the week, I began a future broadcasting career, presenting a weekend overnight radio show in Birmingham, syndicated across five local independent stations.

When I left the UK to move to Mallorca, I’d been presenting a daily weekday programme on BBC local radio for five years, following five previous years in the independent radio sector.

I also used to be a continuity announcer on ITV Central and presented corporate videos for the likes of Holiday Inn Worldwide and TNT Worldwide. In 2017 I was filmed for an Israeli food and travel TV programme on location in Palma; I also featured in an online promotional ‘spot’ for the Balearics ‘Better in Winter’ campaign.

Since April 2018, I’ve produced and hosted a show about gastronomy and hospitality on English-language station Mallorca Sunshine Radio. ‘Table Talk’ is broadcast Saturday mornings from 10:00-12:00h.  You can hear podcasts of previous shows by logging on here:

Writer and blogger

I’ve written about a wide variety of Mallorca-related topics since 2007, with several hundred articles published across a range of publications.

In print, these have included abcMallorca, Deluxe Mallorca, Majorca Daily Bulletin,  The Telegraph (expat edition – now discontinued), Spain magazine, and Food & Wine Journal. 

Online publications include Nourish The Guide, The Business Travel News, A Luxury Travel Blog, Insiders Abroad.

Links to a few examples:


Nourish The Guide

Luxury lifestyle by Helen Cummins

The Telegraph

The Business Travel News

The Business Travel News


I’ve seen some amusing English translations of dishes since I’ve lived here – one of which was so hilarious that I start giggling whenever I remember it. I’m doing it now!

If you’re a restaurateur in Mallorca who’s translated your menu from castellano to English and want to be sure your customers don’t fall about laughing as a result, I’m happy to proofread your English for you. Let’s talk!

If you’d like a professional translator to do the job of translating menus or other material from Spanish to English for you, I’d recommend Victoria Amengual Howe – with whom I’ve had experience of working. Check out her website here:

Find me on Twitter: @MallorcaJan

Find me on Instagram: mallorcajan & eatdrinksleepmallorca

I own the copyright to all written material – and photographs, unless otherwise attributed – published on this blog.


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