About the Author, Jan Edwards

You can buy my novel ‘Daughter of Deià’ in eBook or paperback formats here.

Eat Drink Sleep Mallorca is a compilation of my musings about some of the pleasures of living on the Balearic island of Mallorca, which has been my home since 2004.

You’ll find articles, comments, news, and images all related to anything foodie, wine, or hotels – all in Mallorca.

I’ve always been a foodie and interested in cooking – although the ‘inventive’ cod and banana dish (yes, I’m afraid so) that I once created as a young newlywed ought to have been grounds for divorce. These days, people don’t need to be scared when they’re invited for a meal!

Follow Me …

If you’re planning a holiday in Mallorca, already live here, or are a regular visitor, I hope you’ll sign up to receive future posts by email. I like to keep up with what’s new and interesting in Mallorca and write about experiences I have enjoyed.

I also have another blog about my rural life with The Boss and a glaring of cats (a very appropriate collective noun, particularly at feeding time) on a Mallorcan finca.

Email me using the form below to mallorcajanedwards@outlook.com  

Experience in the Hospitality Industry

My UK CV includes a few years in hotel-industry PR (in-house and as a consultant) for two international chains, a privately owned country house hotel, and an independent property in Mayfair, London.

Although I’m no longer working in the hospitality sector, hotels (and restaurants) are my not-so-secret passion and area of expertise.

Broadcaster & Podcaster

Back in the day, while working in hotel PR as the day job, I began a future broadcasting career, presenting a weekend overnight radio show in Birmingham – syndicated across five local independent stations.

The later sale of the hotel company and subsequent redundancy facilitated a career change: I moved to a weekday breakfast radio show in Coventry and then to Oxford, where I worked on a commercial-radio breakfast show for five years. A move to BBC Oxford meant I could throw away my alarm clock: my weekday programme was during normal working hours. I moved to Mallorca in 2004.

My broadcasting work also included being an ITV Central continuity announcer and presenter of corporate videos for Holiday Inn Worldwide and TNT Worldwide. Yes, I’ve always been a workaholic.

In 2017 I was filmed (unpaid) for an Israeli food-and-travel TV show on location in Palma de Mallorca; I also appeared in an online promotional ‘spot’ for the Balearics’ ‘Better in Winter’ campaign.

From April 2018 until the start of Spain’s strict Covid lockdown in March 2020, I produced and presented the weekly show ‘Table Talk’, about gastronomy and hospitality on English-language station Mallorca Sunshine Radio.

I now produce and present two podcasts: ‘Living in Rural Mallorca‘ and ‘Authors in Mallorca’. You can listen to them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps, or use the hyperlinks above.

Follow me on Twitter: @MallorcaJan

Follow me on Instagram: eatdrinksleepmallorca & livinginruralmallorca

I own the copyright to all written material – and photographs, unless otherwise attributed – published on this blog.


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