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A top catering service on Mallorca

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Chefs / Eat

Anyone looking for a catering company on Mallorca has plenty of choice, with some excellent catering and private chef services available. Should you ever need to know, the local word for catering is . . . catering – pronounced ‘cattering’. We’ve never hired a catering service but, having tasted their food on quite a few occasions, have recommended Finca Catering (previously known as Top Catering) to friends planning parties. The Manacor-based company has been looking […]

Hotel review: Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf

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Hotels / Sleep

Strictly speaking, this hotel is called the Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel – but taxi drivers will know where you mean if you ask for “the Sheraton”. If you get a newbie, it’s on the Son Vida estate, just outside Palma. The longer-than-convenient hotel name reminds me of my former days of doing PR for Holiday Inn Worldwide (EMEA). When they acquired the famous Midland Hotel in Manchester (where Rolls and Royce met in 1904 and formed […]