Seven Tried-and-Tested Hotels on Mallorca (part three)

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And so to the final hotel in Mallorca we had the pleasure of staying in during 2014.

Fontsanta Hotel, Campos

View of one of Fontsanta Hotel's outdoor pools.

View of one of Fontsanta Hotel’s outdoor pools

For my birthday we booked dinner and an overnight stay in Fontsanta Hotel – a 5-star property near Campos in the south of Mallorca. It’s the sister property to Hotel Can Simoneta (Canyamel) and Hotel Convent de la Missió (home of the Michelin-starred Marc Fosh restaurant) in Palma. Like Es Revellar Art Hotel, Fontsanta Hotel has something unique to offer: it’s home to the only natural thermal spring water in the Balearic Islands, making its spa very special.

Healing Powers

The emerging thermal waters . . .

The emerging thermal waters . . .

There are several stories about how the water was discovered. Some say the Ancient Romans discovered it during their occupation of Mallorca. Another says that in ancient times an epidemic was decimating the population of the island – but that wild animals in the vicinity of the springs were thriving. People came to the area from all over the island because of the water’s apparent healing powers. Basic lodgings were built in the 16th century to accommodate pilgrims who came for the therapeutic waters. In 1845 a building to house the thermal baths was opened.

So what’s so special about this water, which emerges from the ground at 38 degrees Celius? As it comes up from underground it acquires a high level of minerals – predominantly chlorine and sodium, in the form of salts, along with smaller concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sulphur, potassium, and fluorine. Found to be beneficial for the skin, and blood and lymphatic circulation,  the waters were declared suitable for public use in 1869.

Unique views too

In 2012, after an extensive renovation of the estate, today’s 25-room Fontsanta Hotel opened. It’s spacious, stylish, luxurious, and has exceptional views out to the salt flats for which this area is renowned. White salt mountains and pink flamingos add to the scenic interest.

During our stay we spent some time in the spa, swimming in the indoor pool (there are two outdoor pools and several outdoor Jacuzzi pools too), and soaking in one of the several individually-roomed thermal baths. We both noted how soft our skin felt afterwards.

Cool and contemporary hotel lounge.

Cool and contemporary hotel lounge

There's a heartwarming story behind this art installation of sperm (!), located in the hotel foyer.

There’s a heartwarming story behind this art installation of sperm (!), located in the hotel foyer.

I could write lots more about this hotel, and we intend to return to use more of its spa facilities. Personal highlights included: Bulgari toiletries in the room; the option of the special wellness breakfast items (including gluten-free crêpes, tofu sausages, and large choice of teas), and something that I’d never experienced before on Mallorca. When we were presented with the menus in the restaurant, they each came with a zipped case containing a magnifying glass with inbuilt light. I could read the menu without having to scrabble around in my handbag for my specs. A brilliant idea!

Fontsanta closes for a period of the winter.

©Jan Edwards 2015


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