Where Diana, Princess of Wales, Stayed in Mallorca

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Twenty years ago today. I will never forget the day that Princess Diana died.  The radio station where I was a presenter had arranged a huge roadshow event at Silverstone, with top bands and singers due to perform. Because I made an early start from home I didn’t catch any news before I left and it wasn’t until I was en route that I switched on the car radio and heard about Diana’s death. Obviously, the station cancelled the event.

I had met ‘the People’s Princess’ twice. Once, at the end of a sponsored wheelchair push from Edinburgh to London by three young paraplegics raising money for the International Spinal Research Trust. Diana was the patron of the charity and greeted the three wheelchair users on arrival at their final destination.  I was there as PR executive for the chain Crest Hotels, having arranged free hotel accommodation along the route for the three wheelchair users.

To my surprise, Princess Diana subsequently invited me to a special reception at Kensington Palace for all those who had been involved. She chatted to everyone there and we also saw her being a normal mum: at one stage Diana had to chide the two young princes for being boisterous. On both occasions, Diana charmed everyone she met.

Escaping the world

The Princess of Wales lived her life under a spotlight – sometimes of her own making. But in the spring of 1996 she found sanctuary during a weekend’s stay at the Mallorca hotel known today as Belmond La Residencia in Deià, where her framed letter of thanks to the hotel still hangs on the wall in the reception area.

Quite a few changes have happened at the hotel since Diana stayed and she’d probably love it even more now; especially as the hotel added some new suites this year – with a high degree of privacy.

Here are some of my photos of this beautiful hotel – a place where any girl can feel like a princess.

©Jan Edwards 2017

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  1. Nancy says

    Hi there- we are holidaymakers visiting from the U.K. And have a very sweet young cat that has turned up, starving, etc. we have of course been feeding her and she is a sweet pea. Any chance you would consider taking her in? We leave in 4 days. My email is simplyhuge@mac.com. I will take her to the vet and get her checked out… I would greatly appreciate your help. We are in pollensa area.



    • Hi Nancy

      Thank you for your message. Oh, poor little sweet thing – just saw her on Twitter. She looks as though she’s made herself comfortable with you! Reminds me of a kitten we once had here (sadly she was run over by a lorry in the lane, which broke my heart). Unfortunately, we cannot take her on. We have eight cats already and, as much as I’d love to have more, we have one cat that is quite aggressive with other cats and kittens. He’s a sweet thing with his siblings (still a bit nervous of us after six years, even though we’ve never done anything to cause that – except take him to be neutered!). However, he becomes quite fierce with any other cats that wander through our land and that included two kittens that later joined our clan. One of those kittens eventually disappeared and, we suspect, Chico was the reason. We couldn’t even take her as an indoor cat as we have a 20-year-old Birman and it just wouldn’t be fair to add a kitten to his life at this stage.

      I am so sorry about this. I have shared your Tweet among my followers just in case someone may take her in. There is an animal refuge in the north: http://proanimalesmallorca.org/ and perhaps they could find a temporary home for her?

      I hope you have been enjoying your holiday on the island.

      Kind regards, Jan


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