Check out Wild Mallorca in a New Balearic Guide

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Mallorca offers holiday experiences for all tastes and budgets, which is probably why TripAdvisor named it the top destination for 2022.

This month saw the start of United Airlines’ direct flights to Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport from Newark Liberty International (there’s a name that trips off the tongue), making it easier for people in the USA to visit this diverse Mediterranean island. Mallorca’s five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants are proving a big draw for these visitors from America.

Hidden Mallorca

But if you want to discover the more authentic and wilder aspects of Mallorca – and have a touch of adventure in your soul – you’ll find a new book useful for your time on this island. Wild Guide Balearic Islands Hidden Adventures in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza & Formentera.

Written by sisters Anna Deacon (author, journalist, and photographer) and Lizzie Graham (who’s lived a local’s life in rural Mallorca for more than twenty years), the book introduces you to hidden places and experiences in the Balearic Islands.

You’re unlikely to find sunburnt tourists and lurid inflatable beach toys on the hideaway calas Anna and Lizzie feature in this book. But it’s not all about hidden beaches: cliffs, mountains, watchtowers, ancient ruins, and rural idylls are also included. The places and experiences the adventurous sisters have included in this gem of a book are those they know and have enjoyed.

Where to Eat, Drink, and Sleep

My blog focuses on eating, drinking, and sleeping on the island of Mallorca and I’m featuring Wild Guide Balearic Islands because the book also includes places to eat, drink, and sleep that may appeal to anyone looking for something more authentic to the islands.

The authors’ suggestions include rural agroturismos and mountain refuges for sleeping, slow-food eateries, traditional cellar restaurants, produce markets, and wineries.

What’s Included in Wild Guide Balearic Islands

The first 35 of the 228 pages include a ‘Best for’ section, covering hidden coves, cliff jumps and sea caves, uninhabited islands (yes, they exist), hilltops and views, hikes and coastal walks, wildlife and nature reserves, sleeping and stargazing, and more. Sleeping under stars strewn across a sky without light pollution does sound tempting – even though I usually favour a five-star mattress.

The section relating to Mallorca is split into north, south, central, east and west –useful if you’re only likely to visit one particular area of this island. Each sub-section begins with highlights under the heading ‘Our perfect weekend’.

The book is crammed with glorious photographs, maps, and ideas. It’s the ideal guide for anyone in search of their inner explorer, or wanting to discover some of the lesser-known reasons why the largest of the Balearic Islands – Mallorca – has such wide appeal.

NOTE: Wild Guide Balearic Islands is also available from Amazon.

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