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Chef-Aid Mallorca Supports World Central Kitchen

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Chefs / Eat

No, I hadn’t heard of World Central Kitchen* either until a few days ago. But thanks to the efforts of fourteen of Mallorca’s top chefs (six from Michelin-star restaurants), more people will become aware of this non-profit organisation, which has been feeding people in crisis situations around the world since 2010. Remember Band Aid in the ’80s? Now, we have ‘Chef-Aid Mallorca’ with a specially composed song entitled ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’ – a fundraiser […]

Mallorca’s Michelin Stars for 2023

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Eat / Michelin

The annual Michelin gala for Spain and Portugal took place last night in Toledo at the Palacio de Congresos ‘El Greco’. This event is when the NEW stars are announced, and the relevant chefs take to the stage to collect their chef’s jacket, embroidered with the Michelin star(s). Mallorca has one new star for 2023. Javier Hoebeeck was in Toledo to collect his jacket for Fusión 19 in Playa de Muro (part of Grupo Boulevard). […]

Llampuga – Lightning Fish – Back on the Menu in Mallorca

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On holiday long ago in the Florida Keys, I was offered dolphinfish in a restaurant. The waiter laughed when he saw how the ‘d’ word had alarmed me – I’d be a hopeless poker player. He then explained the dish didn’t contain a marine mammal, but a fish that’s also known as mahi-mahi, which we ate in the Caribbean. You may also see it on menus as golden mackerel. This fish – known as dorado […]