Tasting the wines of Mallorca

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Seen at the Fira del Vi 2017 and probably a sentiment shared by many visitors.

Thirty-nine wineries from Mallorca offered tastings at this year´s Pollença Wine Fair – in its 14th year in 2017. It was good to see five Mallorcan bodegas that had not previously exhibited at this popular annual fair – and to discover some wines we hadn´t tried before.

We took along friends visiting from Oxfordshire who really appreciate Mallorca´s wines. They are always disappointed that they can´t find the island´s wines for sale back in the UK  – although Marks & Spencer does sell a wine from the bodega Macia Batle, and I have recently spotted one (A/N2 from Ànima Negra) on Selfridges’ website. I´ve been told that the import duty that would have to be paid would make wines from Mallorca seem too expensive in the UK. Do you know otherwise?

Taste all you want for 10 euros

For an entrance fee of just 10 euros we were able to taste as many wines as we wanted. That may sound like an invitation to excess but, believe me, there´s a limit to how many tastings you want in the middle of a rather warm day, as it was when we visited! Our entry fees also entitled each of us to a discount of three euros on a wine purchase. Our wine rack is now looking a little more interesting…

Below are some photos I took at this year´s Pollença Wine Fair – or Fira del Vi as it is known here.

If you´re planning a visit to Mallorca in spring 2019 and would like to visit this annual wine event in Pollensa town, the dates are May 11th and 12th, 2019.

Jan Edwards ©2017


  1. You are absolutely right – the Fira del Vi is a fantastic event and chance to taste these delicious wines from Mallorca. We are specialized in importing the wines from Mallorca to Germany, but are also not selling to UK.
    CU maybe at the next fira on 21/22 April.
    Best regards
    Gerrit (gusto balear)

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    • I’ll certainly be there, Gerrit! You have an interesting job – must be wonderful tasting all these wines in the name of business! Thank you for commenting on the blog, and cheers!


    • I still hadn’t heard what next year’s dates were, but I emailed the organisers yesterday and they tell me they’ve just been confirmed as May 11 and 12, 2019.

      Kind regards, Jan


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