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Chef Tomeu Marti at work

Tomeu Marti – chef/patron at Arume in Palma


Like many other  Mallorca-based foodies I know, I love discovering and trying new eateries in Palma; of course, it’s not always practical (or affordable) to do so – especially as new restaurants have been opening frequently in Mallorca’s capital in recent years. But I also think it’s important to remember those restaurants that have been satisfying their diners for years – and keeping pace with evolving trends in gastronomy.

One such place is Arume Restaurant, which offers Asian/Med fusion cuisine. Chef Tomeu Martí is at the helm of this business, as well as the Arume Sushi Bar & Dim Sum (in Santa Catalina market) and Catering Arume. (If you want to have an event catered, you’re spoilt for choice in Mallorca).

Tomeu Martí

Tomeu won the title of Spain’s best young chef at the age of 21 and five years later (in 2006) opened Arume. I like him – and his food – enormously and whenever we’ve seen him working at the gourmet tapas events known as Peccata Minuta organized by Chefs(in) – he’s had a smile on his face.

Tomeu Marti

Tomeu cooking on site at Peccata Minuta, summer 2017

In August, Tomeu closed Arume for a renovation. When it re-opened in late October, the new-look Arume had a large open kitchen and, right in front of it, counter seating so you can watch Tomeu and his brigade in action.

Japanese teapots and cups

Oriental tableware on display

Arume restaurant interior detail

Art at Arume

Lunch for 18€

I couldn’t wait to eat at the new Arume, but – due to festive events, other commitments, and a Twixmas bout of the lurgy that lingered – it wasn’t until this week that we went for lunch. The lunch menu is still a bargain: for 18 euros you have three courses, after a complimentary appetiser. (The latter was so delicious I could have eaten a plateful).

We didn’t sit at the counter (next time), but took a table for two at the rear of the restaurant. We had arrived promptly at 13:30h, as the place opened, and it wasn’t long before almost all the tables were full and spaces at the counter were filling. There’s also a cosy upper floor with a few more tables, which were soon mostly occupied.

Our waiter explained that there was no written lunch menu (menú del día) as it changes daily: he recited the menu’s dishes on offer and we made our choices. Our bill came to 41€ for two lunch menus, a bottle of water, and a bottle of beer, which we felt was great value for what we’d had. The food was delicious and each course had a good punch of flavour.

Other menus

Arume also offers an à la carte at lunchtime and for dinner, which includes starters, main courses, sushi and sashimi. At night there is also a choice of two tasting menus: Arume (seven ‘experiences’) and Golden (10 ‘experiences’). Wines are fairly priced and include a good choice from Mallorca.

Detail I like: I noticed a diner at an adjacent table using rather fancy chopsticks instead of the disposable wooden ones provided. Apparently, if you’re a regular at Arume, you can keep your own chopsticks there ready for your use. How cool is that?

Location: Arume is at the Avenidas’ end of C/ Sant Miquel and is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Palma’s train, bus, and metro hub (Estación Intermodal) in Plaza de Espanya – which also has a large public underground car park.

Arume Restaurant is open for lunch from 13:30-15:30h and for dinner from 20:30 to 23:00h.

©Jan Edwards 2018


  1. No doubt that Arume Restaurant is one of my favorites in Palma and I do always recommend it to my visiting friends. The Sta. Catalina Market stand is a must go too if you dare to struggle to get a place in the tiny counter 🙂

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