World Olive Tree Day 2021

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Eat / Mallorca extra virgin olive oil
Nature’s sculptures – ancient olive trees

Forget Black Friday. Today, November 26th, is World Olive Tree Day and it’s being celebrated in Mallorca with a number of events organised by Oli de Mallorca. This annual global homage to the olive tree – grown across five continents of the world – began back in 2019. Today we acknowledge the positive role olive trees play against global warming.

Olive trees are an icon of the Mallorcan landscape (particularly in the Serra de Tramuntana), and many luscious extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) are produced on the island. One of my favourites is Aubocassa, from a beautiful finca near Manacor.

In 2002 Oli de Mallorca became the Denomination of Origin for high-quality extra virgin olive oils produced to certain specifications in Mallorca. Today there are almost one hundred brands with this recognition.

Click here to discover 10 things to know about Mallorca olive oil.

Olive Leaf Teas

It was chilly in Caimari, but free tastings of olive leaf teas warmed us well

The olive tree produces more than olives, oil, and wood that’s turned into attractive items for the home. Anyone for an olive leaf tea? Two women in Mallorca – Katja and Kate – founded Dos Alquemistas (2A), to produce organic olive leaf tea blends, using leaves from the spectacular Son Moragues estate groves in Valldemossa. They harvest the leaves by hand during the tree-pruning season and upcycle them, converting them into infusions and powders. These two dynamic women are passionate about nature, the Mallorcan landscape, and the health benefits of olive leaves.

Their range includes four infusions, olive dust, and olive latte.

The Dos Alquemistas range is packaged in plastic-free, fully compostable bags.

If coming to Mallorca in November, time your visit so you can go to the village of Caimari for the Fira de s’Oliva – the annual celebration of all things olive. This year’s weekend fair (the 24th) took place last weekend. And Oli de Mallorca offers a programme of interesting related events on and around November 26th, Olive Tree Day.

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