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Adopt a Mallorcan olive tree

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If I had to name my one indispensable Mallorcan product – apart from the wines! – it would have to be the island’s luscious extra virgin olive oil.  Olive trees first came to Mallorca more than two thousand years ago and today there are thousands of hectares of land devoted to growing the trees. Many of them are more than a hundred years old, and nature and time have sculpted their trunks into living artworks – shapes that further enhance the […]

Mallorcan olive oil named one of the world’s best

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An extra virgin olive oil produced in the Manacor area has been named one of the best in the world. Llàgrima Verda (which means ‘green tear’) won a Silver Award in the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 – repeating the success they enjoyed in last  year’s competition. Spain leads the world in quality virgin olive oils The annual competition brings together a panel of international experts who taste nearly 700 extra virgin olive […]

Review of lunch at Santi Taura restaurant in Lloseta

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Lloseta – a small town near Inca, in the Raiguer region of Mallorca – may not be on the travel itinerary of most visitors to the Spanish island, but it does have a few attractions (and, admittedly, a not particularly appealing cement works on the outskirts of town). Lloseta has a pretty good theatre, and the Renaissance Palacio d’Ayamans, with its impressive gardens. But, for lovers of gastronomy, Lloseta is best-known as the home of the restaurant named after its owner/chef, Santi […]