Dreams of Owning a Vineyard in Mallorca?

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One hundred and fifty thousand euros won’t buy you the perfect holiday home in Mallorca these days. But if you have dreams of owning a vineyard – or at least a part of one – on this Balearic island and have that kind of spare capital begging to be invested in something Mediterranean, a new project could get your corkscrew twitching.

Montesion Wine Estate

Two well-known names in the world of wine in Mallorca have combined forces: the renowned agronomist and viticulturist Carlos Feliu, whose biodynamic winery Bodega Can Feliu is in Porreres, and Ivan Levy, whose own estate’s biodynamic wine brand Son Naava is a must-try at his gourmet restaurant Fera in Palma.

Their collaboration is the new project Montesion Wine Estate – twenty hectares in one of the best vine-growing areas in Mallorca. The aspiring vineyard owner with 150,000 euros to invest will own the rights to one hectare of vine-growing land for a period of twenty years. They can choose between two grape varieties and either both white or red, or one of each.

The first vintage is harvested after the third year of planting, so a degree of patience greater than my own is required before the investor can drink their own wine. To help alleviate the wait, Montesion Wine Estate will provide a barrel of wine for the first and second year after planting.

No Work Required

All the hard work associated with wine production is carried out for the investor, adhering to biodynamic principles and certified by Demeter. It’s just a matter of the hectare-owner wielding a corkscrew and enjoying their own wine. And the satisfaction of making that vineyard-owning dream come true. Even if it is only a hectare.

©Jan Edwards 2022

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