Finca Serena Wines Now Available

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Finca Serena’s first wines

In 2019 when we first stayed at the 5-star rural hotel Finca Serena in Mallorca, the vines had not long been planted. It was the first time I’d ever thought about the degree of patience required by anyone planting a vineyard.

Last week I was among those invited to try the first wines from these vineyards, at an event hosted by hotel director Álvaro González and sales manager Juan Segura.

The Finca Serena estate, in the heart of Mallorca (near Montuïri), covers more than 40 hectares – 10 of which were planted with the native mallorquín vines Premsal Blanc, Callet, Giró Ros, and Monastrell.

Conditions are favourable for vines grown here: the land is less than 100 metres above sea level; sunshine bathes the vineyard for 300 days a year, and thermal winds cross the land. But those benefits don’t mean this was an easy project: tons of stones and rocks had to be removed from the land before the vines could be planted.

Acclaimed Winemaker for the Project

Winemaker Tomeu Llabrés of Vins Ca’n Verdura in Binissalem is responsible for the resulting organic white and rosé wines. Tomeu’s Ca’n Verdura wines are both 100 per cent Mallorcan and very modern in style – qualities sought for Finca Serena’s wines.

The presentation of the wines by Tomeu (left) & Álvaro González amidst the vines.

The resulting wines have the designation DO Tierra de Mallorca and are relatively light, with an ABV of 11.5% alcohol. This makes them perfect for summer sipping during the afternoon by the hotel pool or enjoying in the hotel’s restaurant, Jacaranda; the latter is open to the public as well as guests staying in the hotel and offers a BBQ on its terrace every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Finca Serena Rosado is made from Callet grapes; the Blanco from Premsal Blanc. Both are balanced, with a lasting, final subtle acidity. Harvesting was manual, in boxes of no more than 12kg of grapes.

Único Hotels

Finca Serena is part of the Único Hotels group in Spain, owned by Pau Guardans –whose dream it was to have a vineyard at his Mallorca hotel. Único will open a second hotel on the island next year.

The group’s other properties – Grand Hotel Central (Barcelona, Hotel Único Madrid, The Principal Madrid, and Mas de Torrent (near Girona) – also offer Finca Serena wines to their guests.

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